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Teen’s Netiquette… Parents Help Your Children Behave On The World Wide Web!

by bwardell on March 26, 2010

Teenagers love to have fun, discuss different things with their friends or even newly found friends on the Internet. They always want to discover so many thing about what’s hot and what’s not in blogs, forums and even chat rooms.

There are so many teenagers who dwell into these things since they find browsing the internet as a necessity. Aside from they do it for fun, hobby or leisure, they also use the internet for their home works, requirements and to grasp some useful ideas for their daily lives. But what should teenagers do whenever they engage themselves in chatting and forums?

Should there be teen guidelines to follow?

Teenagers are so liberated nowadays that they tend to forget some of the values…

They don’t even anymore apply it while browsing the internet, as long as they have fun and meet new people then that are it. When using the different Web Sites, teens get to interact with so many people who actually share the same interest as theirs.

Nevertheless, when these people are not very well guarded and not informed by the proper netiquette, then they could be in trouble.

Think It Won’t Happen To You?

Basically, it’s always good to remember to have respect and courtesy while using the forums or blog commenting. Many users get to here foul words and as to protect themselves, they use foul words over that person too, which is wrong. As a person who has the proper values and education should not dwell into these kinds of conversation and should learn how to respect each other’s post, talk about freedom of expression.

Second, if teens do not want to be abused in the first place then avoid using objectionable, obscene, or malicious usernames. Other people could actually see it and nowadays, some people judge other individuals immediately when they use malevolent usernames. Lastly, it is very important not only for teens but other users too to handle their personal information with care. See to it that usernames and passwords are well kept in a safe place.

These are just some of the teen guidelines needed to be followed when using the internet. People should always know their limitations since everything has rules including the internet.

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