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Suzanne Stanford Internet Safety Coach Meets The CyberHood Watch Partners, Dave & Bill

by dballard on March 1, 2011

Suzanne Stanford on CHWR

The CyberHood Watch Meets Suzanne Stanford

Suzanne Stanford shared several insights about living a safe and secure digital life for kids and families. It is more than just Internet safety – it includes real world personal safety, said Suzanne. Real world meets cyber world. Good solid mentoring about how offline safety affects cyber world safety will help empower our child to make better-informed decisions.

Children are very trusting; they typically feel more comfortable within his or her neighborhood boundaries. In addition, the word “Friend” has become a verb, “Friend me on Facebook”. Social networks and the term friend is more suitable for the term “consequential strangers”, a term shared with The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill from Melinda Blau a previous guest.

Unfortunately, children, tweens, and teens social network and/or Internet friends who (perceived or not) live in their neighborhoods are a weak link, a vulnerable spot, for kids, and possibly your neighborhood.

“Having the conversation, or being in the conversation”.

Suzanne went on to share some solid information how parents need to take the time to spend “a real ten minutes” with your child every day. Nancy McBride, National Safety Director for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, announced the NCMEC new program on The CyberHood Watch radio show, called “Take 25”. The idea is simple but powerful, and follows the principles of Take 25. [Time Stamp 00:15:00]

“Texting has eclipsed the telephone”. Now, combine that with desktop and laptops being replaced by mini PCs that just so happen to function as a telephone, web browser, hotspot connector, video player, gamer, etc.

Everyone, in a sense, is the Beta Test for the mobile explosion, and not knowing exactly the full extent how technology will morph with his or her human behaviors, is good reason to keep an eye on our children…They will push the envelope. These are exciting times, but we must be mindful that a great percentage of mobile mini computers are in the hands of our children. There is no taking back the digital age. However, it is important for parents to realize that children need to understand what is expected of them, and what acceptable digital civil behavior is. It is old school values applied to new technologies.

Download and listen in to what Suzanne Stanford shared with all our listeners.

Listen to internet radio with Dave and Bill on Blog Talk Radio

Thank you Suzanne, your time was appreciated.


Your CyberHood Watch Partner,


david c ballard

Radio Security Journalist




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