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The Super Bowl XLIV Motorola Commercial Of Megan Fox Is Insensitive To The Problem Of Sexting

by dballard on February 9, 2010


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WOW – Super Bowl XLIV – How many of us look forward to all the great commercials, I know I do. In addition to watching great commercials, an outstanding game, and then to top it all off…Your team wins!

Super Bowl XV
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My career started in New Orleans and having spent eight years there and meeting my Uptown “Crescent City Lady” (wife) at Mardi Gras, the same year Super Bowl XV was played in the Superdome; I was happy to see the Saints win.

Now that I have said that let me switch gears and talk to you about an issue I have with the Super Bowl XLIV commercials, and in particular Motorola and the Megan Fox commercial.

Just this evening I attended a lecture at Judge Memorial, given by Adam J. Schwebach, Ph.D. Dr. Schwebach presented parents with tips on how to talk to your teens about cell phone safety: Texting, Sexting, CyberBullying, etc. Sexting is a big concern and law enforcement is having a difficult time in how to prosecute under aged kids. Every state but Vermont and Utah treats Sexting as a felony. Imagine your child being tried as a felon, and then branded as a registered sex offender the rest of his or her life.

The CyberHood Watch covers this problem as well as many others in a downloadable eBook called, “Think This Won’t Happen To You”. However, Sexting is not a problem to take lightly. Many teens have opted to commit suicide to escape the embarrassment and the humiliation when pictures have found their way on to the Internet. This brings me to why I believe Motorola’s Super Bowl XLIV commercial with Megan Fox is acting irresponsible and insensitive to a grave issue parents are dealing with on a daily basis.

Motorola must be aware of the Sexting issues parents and law enforcement are facing. I am by no means straitlaced or narrow-minded; however, to capitalize on the very nature of promoting the digital transfer of sexual innuendos only exacerbates the problem by further misuse of Motorola’s new digital media technology. What is the message we are sending our kids?

Motorola’s levity only diminishes the severity of the problem, which they chose to ignore in order to profit, while ignoring the current issue parents, educators, and caring adults are trying to overcome. I certainly understand their marketing ploy, but it does not help to curb a real dilemma parents are trying to correct when the very company manufacturing the product promotes the subtle message of Sexting. Again, we are sending our children the wrong message, and Motorola’s judgment to air the Megan Fox Super Bowl XLIV commercial is as immature as an adolescent Sexting.

david c ballard

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