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Starting Immediately Until August 31, 2011 – $10 – Lifetime Membership to InstantAmber, a Child Safety Service! Mathieu R. Berman, Founder of InstantAmber Joins Dave & Bill on CHWR.

by dballard on August 11, 2011

Imagine Turning Around & Your Child is Missing! Mathieu Berman on CHWR With Dave & Bill

Dave & Bill’s, jaws dropped simultaneously, when Mathieu Berman announced at the end of our interview that anyone who signs up with InstantAmber before August 31, 2011, will receive a lifetime membership for $10.  No one, since CHWradio first aired has made such a generous offer. This offer is good for everyone who takes action before August 31, 2011.

To get the $10 lifetime membership use the promo code CHWR.

Pardon our excitement, but when you do the math, you quickly realize Matt’s offer calculates out to be a savings of two to three thousand dollars depending what you consider the average life expectancy of the one you love. For others like the CyberHood Watch® partners, the old geezers (okay – me, not Bill), it is still a thousand dollars saved for a $10 investment to assure you are prepared for the unimaginable event of an abducted or missing child. Read on to find out why someone older would consider the service.

Today - It's Hard Being a Digital Parent & It's Hard to be A Digital Native - Kids Do Runaway

Time | Time | Time…The first twenty minutes are the most critical to the successful recovery of an abducted child and the first 2 hours are the most crucial. The initial shock has to feel surreal for the parent faced with the tragedy of a missing child. Are you prepared if that were to happen to you or a loved one’s child? We are all familiar with the baby pictures posted on the social network sites so, how long did that process take to upload. Now imagine grabbing a current photo, assembling all the other necessary documentation, not to mention your state of mind, and get that information into the hands of law enforcement…20 minutes gone!

With InstantAmber, law enforcement can access the necessary information in seconds 24/7/365.

The U.S. Department of Justice places a child’s chances of being abducted at 1 in 42 (children 19 and under). Do not assume that it will not happen to your family. One of CHWR’s earlier guest, a long time veteran detective, and negotiator once told the CyberHood Watch® partners he wished he had a dime every time he heard a parent say, “I never thought this would happen to me”. It could; however, with InstantAmber, a child safety service; you will be as prepared as possible because your child’s current information and photos are securely stored and available on the web.

Something interesting surfaced during our interview with Mathieu Berman (why someone older would use the service – mentioned earlier) that neither one of the CyberHood Watch® partners considered. InstantAmber is also a very effective tool for the elderly who may wander off and find themselves disoriented and lost. The same stored information, including vital information, is available immediately for law enforcement to help find a lost elderly parent before a tragedy occurs.

Mathieu Berman on CHWradio with Dave & Bill

Another interesting application for InstantAmber is the partnerships with PTAs across the United States to protect American school children. If you were looking for a fundraiser, InstantAmber would be an excellent choice. Contact the CyberHood Watch® for more information.

Several of our guests on CHWR have demonstrated great passion for what they are doing and the common catalyst threaded between them is a personal experience, or the looming potential circumstances that could or did threaten his or her child.

That was the catalyst for Matt after his youngest daughter went missing on a family vacation (she was found and okay). It was then that Matt conceived the idea of using the Internet and its ability to securely transmit data globally to confront the tragedy of missing children/elderly.

Matt has removed the barriers preventing anyone form providing a loved one a valuable assurance policy for his or her child’s well-being. On behalf of the CyberHood Watch® partners, Dave & Bill thank you for such a generous offer.

Be sure to listen to the interview here:

Listen to internet radio with Dave and Bill on Blog Talk Radio

Your CyberHood Watch® Partner,

david c ballard

Radio Security Journalist

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