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Social Networking Sites, a Menace?

by bwardell on February 8, 2010

Many parents say that most of the social networking sites are menaces to a child’s well-being. But how did the parents come into this conclusion? Is there something in these websites that puts the child’s welfare in danger? What are those and how did it come to occur?

Today, almost 95% of the total populations of kids in America, which are about 5-8 years, are already hooked with the internet. According to studies, they spend more than 3 hours a night sitting on a computer chair while updating their Facebook or MySpace accounts, chatting and keeping their friends posted with their status. This routine actually bothers their parents and guardians a lot. Parents say that instead of their kids reading and studying for their exams the following day, these kids simply tell their parents, “We are researching because our teacher told us that the internet has enough reference that we may use.” And so parents often say, “Okay. Do well in your exam!” Sometimes, parents have this kind of impression which is not actually good because they tend to tolerate their children instead of education them. But who knows if they are actually telling the truth?

Everyone knows that the internet is not actually a safe place for young children for the reason that there are ruthless people found in the web that makes these innocent children suffer. Unfortunately, pedophiles – adults who want to meet young people for sex – use the free service of the internet, habitually with the intention of talking with and come to get a child and later abuse them. These kind of people are usually attacking kids because they believe that children wants some “adventure” and they are just up for everything since their parents aren’t watching closely to their every move.

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Don’t Take Candy From Strangers

Yes, chatting online could be fun and they can be well-connected with their friends and relatives who live in the opposite sides of the world however there are risks that comes along with this pleasure and that what parents should educate their children. Parents should focus on the things that could harm their kids, let these young children learn and limit their freedom because once they become a victim of this ruthless people, they can be traumatized and be abused like for the rest of their lives. There’s actually nothing wrong with the usage of the internet primarily because it’s a good source for learning and interaction, however it should be used properly and of course, with proper guidance from the elders.

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