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Shawn Edgington | Cyber Security Academy | Author & Guest of The CyberHood Watch Radio

by dballard on June 14, 2011

Shawn Edgington on CHWradio

Shawn Edgington Joins Dave & Bil on CHWradio

I am not so sure there is anything more passionate than a parent advocating a personal injustice against his or her own child, who then becomes bound and determined to make a change. Shawn Edgington, Author, and Mom, who recently launched the “Cyber Safety Academy”, and is making sure it does not happen to any other child, not if Shawn Edgington has anything to say about the matter.

Shawn shared a great deal of personal insight when it comes to cyberbullying and/or text assaults against a family member. Having lived through, and surviving the cyberbullying ordeal, Shawn now, as we would say in the CyberHood Watch, provides “communication & awareness” as an advocate for the safety & security of children and their families.

There is nothing more obvious regarding the verification of an individual’s disconnect, and that he or she is oblivious to a child’s well-being than the blanket comment, “What’s the big deal”, or “You need to toughen-up”. Unfortunately, those comments are uttered too often when summarizing the solutions needed to address the emotional well-being of a cyberbullying victim.

We have either all witnessed it or participated in the act of “rubber-necking…Got to stop, slow down, and look as you pass by the accident. Surprisingly, the same event occurred with Shawn’s cyber bullied family member…a need to stop, slowdown, and look at the mean comments being said about the victim. Who knows the reason why, that is for another topic? Suffice it to say, do not be caught up in the curiosity of what others are saying, it only adds fuel to the fire.

I mention this because of the insight of what Shawn and her family member discovered. If you are constantly reading all the negative and hurtful posts about him or herself, you begin to question your own validity. Shawn Edgington used the example that if you told your child every day that he or she was fat and ugly that eventually the child believes it to be true. Maybe the same will hold true if we consistently preach “communication & awareness” between parents and children about the safety and security of his or her digital life.

Shawn shared a favorite recommendation for a child’s site… IMBEE. The CyberHood Watch would like to add a couple more that we recommend… YourSphere, Flink12, and MiniMonos.

Be sure to download the show and empower your children with some great personal insights shared with our audience and readers of The CyberHood Watch.

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