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Sextortion in the Utah News, again!!

by bwardell on February 4, 2011

Dave and Bill were interviewed by Dan Rascon a few months ago about this growing problem that our children are facing everyday…

“Sexting” Could Lead To Blackmail”

CYBERBULLYING is very real and comes in many disguises, that include online bullying or harassment, sexting and exploitation of (Sextortion) victims, cyber-stalking, etc… Read more


Utah Teen Falls Victim To Sextortion On The Internet

Reported by: Dan Rascon
Friday, February 04 2011

Hacking. Threats. Blackmail. Allegations of child pornography. All things a St. George family says they’re experiencing from a cyber bully that is demanding photos of their daughter.

The FBI once coined these kinds of crimes as “sextortion.” The family is being told give up pictures or the cyber bully goes public with some nude photos of their daughter.

But it’s not just the family this person is threatening. The stalker is also going after friends, hacking into their email and Facebook accounts sending them messages with the same threats.

An internet stalker is seeking out not just one teen but a whole circle of friends in St George, Utah to get photos of 18-year-old Cylie Santiago.

So now a young woman once caught up in the cyber space world is now speaking against it. Read more

Cyber space is not safe at all and do not distribute anything that you don’t want anyone but yourself to see,” Cylie said.

Dave and Bill – The CyberHood Watch Partners are 100% in agreement with Cylie, please take her advice not to post anything that you don’t want anyone else to see…  Click below, this is the same advice Catherine Teitelbaum the Director of Child Safety at Yahoo gave us, when she was interviewed on CHWR a couple of weeks ago!!

Stop. Think. Connect.

Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT, BE IT

Your CyberHood Watch Partner

Bill Wardell

Radio Security Journalist

additional information and resources on Sexting:

OSA Investigates “Sexting”


Top Ten Tips to Keep Teens Safe on Social Networks


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