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SEXting & Sharing Teen Nude Photos… If They’re Explicit They’re Illegal!

by bwardell on March 16, 2010

Honolulu Police Department
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Aloha, we want to send a Special Thank You to our new “Consequential Stranger” Chris Duque…

Christopher Duque is a thirty year veteran of the Honolulu Police Department and had just recently retired in February of 2007. While with HPD, he has worked in the Uniform Patrol Division and the Narcotics/Vice Division. In 1985, he was promoted to Sergeant/Detective and was assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division and remained in that division until his retirement in February 2007.

His last assignment in CID was with the White Collar Crime Unit where he specialized in cybercrime investigations and computer forensics.

Check out the interview here:

Detective Duque is still considered and recognized as one of Hawaii’s leading computer and Internet crimes investigator. He has conducted investigations in a wide assortment of criminal offenses. These include the trafficking of child pornography, identity theft, various forms of Internet fraud, hacking and network intrusion cases, harassing and threatening cases, and child exploitation cases.

In 2002 Detective Duque was recognized as Detective of the Year and was also nominated as Employee of the Year for the City and County of Honolulu. During the same year he was also awarded the title of “Top Cop” from various state and local organizations.

Chris Duque is currently working in the private sector as a consultant and continues to provide community services in the form of presentations…

This is a very good article…

Teens and College students should know: sending sexually suggestive texts and messages – known as “sexting” – isn’t just inappropriate, it can be illegal.

Sexting can consist of explicit words, photos, or video being sent to another person, even if that person is your boyfriend or girlfriend.

While sexting has made headlines because of the growing number of teenagers participating, these sexually explicit messages are sent by adults, too.

About 33 percent of young adults age 20 to 26 admit to sending or posting nude or semi-nude photos of themselves, according to a nationwide survey done by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy and Nearly 60 percent of young adults said they’ve sent or posted sexually suggestive messages.

The Darkside of the Internet blog written by Chris Duque, computer forensics specialist and CyberSecurity consultant and retired detective for the Honolulu Police Department, helps to define the laws of child pornography in Hawai’i.

Check out what OSA Investigates had to say about this growing problem:

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Bill Wardell

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