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What Does PocketFinder & a 100 Year Old Oreo Cookie Have in Common? CEO, Dave Morse…Look @ Needs

by dballard on March 29, 2012

PocketFinder's CEO, Dave Morse Visits Dave & Bill on CHWRadio

PocketFinder may not be as old as a 100 year old Oreo Cookie brand, but they are literally just as BIG in size and satisfaction.

Don’t look at products – look @ needs…Commented CEO, Dave Morse, of PocketFinder. Surely (look at the needs) is a simple, yet powerful concept… Dave spent twenty years in the telecommunications industry, beginning his career with the military, continuing on with AT&T, and retiring from the Consumer Organization as Vice President of California.

Dave’s insight and twenty years of experience in the telecommunications industry without question allowed him to recognize the value of PocketFinder to fulfill a need.

As a dedicated leader in the telecommunications industry, Dave passionately studied society and the consumer market to identify how they used GPS technology and how they would like to use it. After extensive conversations with consumers, Dave’s team discovered a genuine need and a clear message shared by consumers to optimize the way people connect with each other, their children, their pets, and things they value and care about when using GPS technology.

“We are all about peace of mind,” said Dave. Today we are an extremely mobile society, so when you can’t be there knowing where your children are throughout the day, leaves the door ajar for unwanted events and/or unpleasant situations to occur. PocketFinder is a tool that allows you peace of mind to know the when and where of your loved ones at any moment. I would venture to guess that every parent has experienced a moment when he or she calls her child and they don’t answer the phone knowing they should be available…Did your anxiety level jump just a little bit?

Family Friendly | Family Focused

PocketFinder is one of those tools that will keep discovering new applications as consumers begin implementing its use, it is not function specific. Cutting-edge mobile implementation of GPS technology in society, and consumers application of it is in its early adoptive stages. GPS typically informs you of where you are; however, PocketFinder takes it a step further allowing you to transmit that GPS information directly to your account (family or business). Imagine knowing exactly when your child enters or leaves the geo zone parameters you have set up around the school, the babysitters, grandparents, the mall, or anyone involved in the care of your child.

Think it won’t happen to you…It just may happen. Several previous legal and law enforcement professionals, interviewed on CHWRadio have commented on the number of times they have heard a loved one say, “I never thought it would happen to me.”  I hope if I ever find myself in that position it was not from lack of prevention.

Earlier I mentioned about the increase in anxiety when you call your child and there is no answer…What was your anxiety level when you handed your child the keys to the car the first time? PocketFinder not only gives you the peace of mind knowing your child is in the prescribed geo zone you have set up, but also tracks his or her driving habits. Speed is a main factor contributing to accidents…Knowing your child’s driving habits, whereabouts, and being notified that your son or daughter is driving too fast can be valuable information for teaching moments. As a parent I would want to know…Trust, but verify.

Unfortunately, your child’s driving skills do not match their level of confidence. Knowing their driving behaviors allows you to coach using real data, which may be one contributing factor thatalign their driving skills with their confidence level. It is a parent’s opportunity and ability to be in your child’s daily life even when you can’t physically be there; an optimal use of GPS technology.

CyberHood Watch Approved

It gives me a reason to say no”, was the comment a mother shared with Dave about what her daughter said to her. Let me explain, it’s about peer pressure and how kids push beyond their permitted boundaries…The proverbial “Joy Ride”. PocketFinder had been installed in the car, and when Mom asked her daughter how she was doing knowing the device was in her car she said, “Mom, I Love it because it gives me a reason to say no”.  When her friends prodded her to take that joy ride she was able to tell them she can’t because her parents knew where she has driven and how fast.

I played devil’s advocate with Dave regarding the question of GPS and Location Based Technology (LBS), and when does it become intrusive. Too often these great cutting-edge technologies are a double-edged sword, for example the Internet. You can listen to Dave’s response at time stamp: 00:23:49

Our interview with Dave Morse uncovered many wonderful stories, and how PocketFinder intervened or could have intervened in preventing family tragedies, be sure to listen to Dave’s stories.

Listen to internet radio with Dave and Bill on Blog Talk Radio

PocketFinder will record and track a monumental event for all times. Carmel, New York to Carmel, California – Ground Zero Steel – Firefighter to Firefighter initiates Carmel 911 Memorial Resolve and Remembrance event for the west coast. Beginning in Carmel, New York one of the last remaining pieces of steel from the World Trade Center will be physically handed-off from firefighter to firefighter on a journey across the United States from Carmel, New York to Carmel, California to establish the west coast memorial in remembrance of 9-11.

PocketFinder is donating $9.11 for every PocketFinder purchased during the event.

I asked Dave to share his personal observation of where we might see the future of location based technology and its applications.

  • Retail marketing
  • Proximity marketing
  • Global behavioral effects…better driving habits, less fuel consumption

It used to be, “Can you hear me now?” We can all hear very well, but more importantly, what is the question being asked? A study conducted by AT&T indicated that 60% of calls are made to ask, “Where you at?” or “Where are you?” to coordinate linking up with one another. Now, as we move into the future products like PocketFinder are going to make it easier to locate those we care about easier and easier.

“The balance point is going to be privacy”, said Dave Morse. “You need the capability to be able to decide when you want to be seen and when you don’t”, continued Dave. All the information is encrypted.

Let me leave you with this thought regarding credibility of PocketFinder. Apple approached PocketFinder after they literally scanned the globe looking for a location device they liked that fit their model of products. Apple determined that this is one of the fastest growing segments available in the global market, and Apple wanted a device that would allow families and businesses to better connect with each other. Apple picked PocketFinder.


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