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What we plant (SOW) with our children, we REEP… in all of our Futures!

by bwardell on May 21, 2010

Now that we’ve talked about planting, we need to look at what planting is, exactly. What are some of the things parents do to plant seeds in their children? Here is an example.

In the Robinson family, a child was named after his grandfather Maurice. The parents taught Maurice (the child) that his grandfather was so honest that he wouldn’t even take a paper clip from his office to use at home. And he never spoke to anyone at work unless absolutely necessary so that he was not being paid for something that was not work. And in the home, he would not even take any food at the table until everyone had their portion, for fear that he might be eating someone else’s food. You could imagine the picture of honesty that was created in the child’s mind.

When the Maurice was about 8 years old. He was walking down the street with 3 of his friends. Ahead of him, an unpopular boy in their class dropped his pencil on the ground. All the boys went for that pencil, but Maurice got it first. And what was the first thing he did? He returned the pencil to the boy, despite the fact that the other boys didn’t want him to, and jeered at Maurice for doing such a thing, rather than going with the attitude of “finders keepers losers weepers”. When one boy asked him why he did that, he said “because my name is Maurice”

Because the boy had been planted with a seed from his parents about honesty from his namesake the grandfather, Maurice had that value of honesty ingrained in him. THAT is planting a seed in him.

Seeds can be planted through:

1. explanation
2. example
3. praise/encouragement
4. scolding/punishment
5. doing it yourself
6. establish the environment for the child
7. introduce the child to other people or children
8. show or tell the child something

Every time you plant a seed through your actions, you always need to ask yourself: “What kind of plant do I want to grow within my child”. A huge responsibility of parenthood lies in that anything you do today will sprout the plants of tomorrow within your child.

What we plant (SOW) with our children, we REEP… in all of our Futures!

Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT

Bill Wardell

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