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Plant The Seeds Of Greatness… In Your Children!

by bwardell on May 14, 2010

We can plant the seeds of potential in a child that will allow him or her to grow to greatness. But first, to understand what is planting?

Planting seeds in a child is to introduce the child to new concepts and ideas through your own behaviors and attitudes. They see and come to understand what you do and why for the first time. They sometimes question what you do. So you need to have your answers to be consistent.

One thing that I’ve observed in my lifetime is that what can be a small plant in a parent, if the same seed is planted in a child, it can become a very big plant- too big for your comfort.

For example, a parent can have a television, and watches the 11 o’clock news at night, plus the occasional special television show such as the academy awards. In other words, the usage of television is very moderate. But for a child, that seed of watch television can become a habit to the degree that a child can watch television for 4 to 5 hours a day. What was a little occasional treat for the parent became the main meal for the child.

I saw the precise same pattern described above with a family I know. If that was for television, can you imagine how addictive the internet can be? That’s why you should take a careful look at all the things you do on a daily basis in front of your kids, and see what seeds you want to plant in them.

Seeds cannot be planted by themselves. Either you plant them, or someone else plants them. If you give the planting over to someone else, they may plant seeds in your child that you didn’t want to be planted. Then you have a large challenge as a parent to uproot that unwanted plant.

So everything you do that your child can learn from, are seeds. Whether you like it or not, a child will look at and absorb everything that goes on around him or her. So you have to ask yourself a question: when it comes to the internet, what attitudes and behavior do you want your children to have planted in them? If you show them that you “can’t live without it” then your child will pick up on that tenfold and perhaps show behavior and attitudes that you never intended in the first place.

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