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Why Planking? To Much Idle Time and Board Stiff…

by dballard on September 20, 2011

Board stiff and too much idle time leads to “Planking”. I commented on a blog several months ago when I read a post that hyped the new activity. I pointed out the recent fatal accident surrounding planking and indicated that we should be mindful of the invincibility of kids…so they believe.

Following is a great perspective about planking from the mouth of babes…there is hope. Listen closely and note the subtle peer pressure and then the rethinking after becoming aware of a tragic accident resulting from planking.

It happens in an instant…peer pressure and changing your mind. It is that innocence, every child possesses that the CyberHood Watch® partners desperately try to protect. It is so fleeting and vulnerable, and you can see it in this video.

Be in the moment with your child and talk to them, it is the most assured method of for living a secure digital life and for empowering your child with the skills to make better-informed digital decisions at critical moments.

The Dare Devil Belongs to Me

However, when you least expect it, you got to eat crow…so what do say when your child is 27?

Your CyberHood Watch Partner,

david c ballard

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