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Peg McEntee Shadows ICAC-TF – Three Part Series Child Pornography – The Salt Lake Tribune

by dballard on March 3, 2010

No More - Do Something - Support Your ICAC-TF

A recent article in The Salt Lake Tribune, written by Peg McEntee, covers the topic of Child pornography, and for a brief moment a light exposes a dark element of our society. And for many they would prefer not to look because it makes them feel uneasy.

I read the reviews and it is not surprising how varied the reactions were. They ranged from accusing Peg of sensationalizing a tragic issue to leveraging child pornography issues by associating the heinous crime with a political figure.

There are extreme feelings, and rightly so, regarding the issues presented in the article. However, in Peg McEntee’s  second article, the comments seem to be less of a crowd-hanging mentality and more recognition of the hard work Internet Crimes Against Children – Task Force (ICAC-TF) is doing for all our children. In an interview with Detective Kevin Conde, Marysville Police Department, ICAC-TF, Detective Conde pointed out that when an ICAC officer working child pornography reaches his limit, his escape from working child pornography is to transfer to working homicide for awhile. That was a comment I have never forgotten.

Peg McEntee

In the final series, Peg covers what it takes to help the victim to deal with such a heinous crime. The three part series solicited more than a hundred comments from its readers, and not until the third part of the series did anyone, other than “UTrez”, ask “Why isn’t there a serious investigation of the problem of men acting this way? If it were any other group, that is what the focus would be on.”  Something else I noticed was the overwhelming statement, just proceeding castration, dismemberment, hanging, and death for the child pornographer was how “sick minded” these individuals must be to commit such horrific and perverted acts upon children.

They are sick – they are sick and addicted to pornography. They have reached a limit that is only satisfied by more sadistic and perverted acts. It is said it is easier for a heroin addict to kick his or her addiction habit than it is to kick pornography addiction. Peg describes the living conditions of an occupants living quarters who was arrested by ICAC-TF.

The CyberHood Watch Support Utah ICAC-TF

“Inside, they find filth. Thirty or more empty cans of cat food on the kitchen floor and fast-food bags everywhere. Mold around the toilet. A bare bed; at its foot a computer monitor and three hard-drives full of child pornography. A singular bit of evidence, often found in such homes, are the many bottles full of urine the men use so they don’t have to take their eyes off the screen.

“I wish you could put the smell” on the tape, one agent says.

“These guys get so addicted to child porn that every waking moment is spent with it,” says McQuiston, then commander of the ICAC unit. “The house goes to garbage. Nothing else matters.”

Attorney General Mark Shurtleff Our Guest On

Interviews we have had, including Rhett McQuiston, Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, Derek VanLuchene, Patrick Trueman, Heather Steele, Robin Sax, Nancy McBride, and many others on CHWradio, no one has ever mentioned that rehabilitation works. We have asked that question, “Can you rehabilitate child molesters and those dealing in child pornography?” No one has confirmed any knowledge that rehabilitation worked.

For those who have been molested, “moabmike” left this comment:

“Thank you for this series, Ms. McEntee. I am a survivor of childhood incest. I just want to clarify something about some children, as a result of being drugged, not having a memory of what happened. This same lack of ability of immediate recall may also be due to the traumatic nature of the abuse.

I also hope that you can do some reporting on the number of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and the burdens that they carry. Reliable and conservative statistics show that 1 in 6 men and 1 in 4 women were sexually abused before reaching the age of 18. They live lives characterized by crushing isolation, persistent terror, guilt, shame and overwhelming sorrow.

You have talked of the children who are rescued, believed and offered all the help that is available. Literally hundreds of thousands more, just in Utah, are never discovered and must make their way through life as best they can, carrying the burdens mentioned above. Many turn to drugs to alleviate the pain. And many kill themselves.

Please, at some point, try to speak to them and tell them: You are not alone! It was not your fault! You can recover!

Thank you.”

The CyberHood Watch Says Stop Child Pornography

The subject of child pornography and the pornography industry in general is difficult and very uncomfortable for many to discuss, little lone read about it and mentally have to visualize the reality of what happens young prepubescent children in the process. However, as difficult as it may be for many in our communities that is no excuse to be ignorant of its reality. Complacency and denial is what keeps it hidden, and allows those involved assurances they can keep indulging in their addiction. Individuals working ICAC-TF will deal with the ugliness of the crime, and the rest of us need to support what they are doing to stop these horrific crimes perpetrated against children.

A key point that surfaces frequently with guests on CHWradio, which The CyberHood Watch community shares consistently with their community and it costs nothing, is Communication and Awareness. Together good communication and helping others to become more aware of problems that exist, will help others to become educated and empowered to take action.

david c ballard

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