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Parents Put Your Children First, and Cross The Digital Divide!

by bwardell on April 14, 2011

WOW what an honor to have Tshaka and Kelli Armstrong as our guests on CHWR live today… Sharing their wonderful message of HOPE! It was a fantastic interview… especially, as a dad of three children under the age of 11, I really learned so much and I am so glad our CHWR audience has that same opportunity by listening to their story & message, please click play below or you can download it free here:


An Open Letter To Parents

Dear Moms and Dads,

My name is Tshaka Armstrong and almost 18 months ago I took upon myself the task of educating you about the tools available to you to help you better parent in this digital age and now have the privilege of teaching your children about being savvy and safe as they use the internet and other connected technologies (ie, cell phones, Nintendo DS’s, etc).

In this short time, I’ve learned a lot about the challenges and triumphs of this generation as they relate to technology use. There are brave teens striking out against some of the social ills that inappropriate use of connected tech are visiting on their peers! Unfortunately though, there are still many youths who find themselves adversely effected. There is much debate about how large the numbers really are and we don’t want to overstate the issue, but, personally, one child physically or emotionally victimized is too many and that is why I’m writing this letter. I’ve had to stare into the saddened eyes and heavy hearts of some of your children because they didn’t get some basic information or guidance from you in some areas.

As a father who absolutely loves his own daughter, one of the worst feelings I’ve had to endure is having a young lady in grade school stand before me, in tears, and admit she made the mistake of “sexting” some boy. Scared, with good reason, to tell her parents. I just want to do the fatherly thing and hug her and tell her how sorry I am that an adult somewhere along the line may have let her down and how sorry I am that she’s now having to go through this. Even recounting the situation, I find myself choked up. Read the rest of Tshaka’s letter.

I too, found myself choked as I think about what our young people are facing in today’s world… Peer Pressure beyond our comprehension, Bullying and Harassment, Sexting, Online Exploitation not to mention… all the biggies: Gangs, Drugs, Alcohol, Sexual (PEER) Pressure and school work!

Parents they need our HELP and LOVE to overcome, these daily childhood problems!  Tshaka explains his acronym for what a problem is, for internet kids toady:

P – Pictures and uploading nude Photo’s and/or Sexting…
R – Risky Behavior and Reputation plus your digital footprint!
O – Offline meetings… DO Not DO IT, get parents involved to protect you!
B – Bullying not CyberBullying, because it is all BULLYING and Harassment!
L – Location Sharing, Apps and GEO Tagging…
E – Email Attachments pitfalls with downloading & chain (phishing) emails.
M – Malware, Music downloading & illegal file sharing, © infringement.

We as parents can no longer sit on the sidelines of our children’s lives, and talk, teach, coach and mentor when it is convenient for us!  PLEASE… Parents Put Your Children First, and Cross The Digital Divide!

Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT, BE IT

Your CyberHood Watch Partner

Bill Wardell

Radio Security Journalist

© 2007 – 2011 CyberHood Watch

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