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Larry Lawton Shares His Reality Check Program With The CyberHood Watch Partners, Dave & Bill

by dballard on September 7, 2010

Larry Lawton Shares His Reality Check Program With The CyberHood Watch Partners, Dave & Bill

Several times Larry Lawton sighted The CyberHood Watch and its reference to “communication”, the companion to that is “awareness”. Nonetheless, what Larry Lawton had to lose in order to find his passion is a turn of events that no one would wish upon another. Let us be honest, most of us has had a second and third chance without an incident…The key word being, “without an incident”.

The outcome of Larry’s eleven years in federal prison is a remarkable tribute to Larry as well as his reference to those who loved him unconditionally.

I am speculating that the latter paragraph maybe an insight that prevented Larry from becoming a common statistic of former incarcerated individuals, and from becoming a bitter individual and a repeat offender.

Larry tells the story of responding to a friend and concerned parent who asked Larry to help him and talk with his child who was exhibiting troubled behavior. The butterfly effect of Larry helping his friend’s child, positioned him to discover his life’s passion of providing kids a “Reality Check”.

It Is A Reality Check For Parents Of The CyberHood Watch Community

What Dave & Bill are hearing more frequently from guests of CHWradio is the importance of introducing kids to the “consequences” of his or her actions. Once there is a level of comprehending the consequences, and not for the sake of scaring, but truly, reality checks then kids become empowered to make better-informed decisions.

Something Larry Lawton brought up again, and to be mindful of is how much kids are starving for attention. Understanding how important attention is to his or her child should be a wake-up call for parents. The desire for attention is one of the more significant factors contributing to his or her child becoming a victim, and potentially a victim of an online predator.

Larry’s comment only reinforces what The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children announced with their program of “Take 25” on CHWradio. It was obvious the importance for the NCMEC to build a program around the need to spend more time with your kids and talk to them. If parents do not spend the time giving his or her child the attention needed, the Internet always has someone waiting and willing to groom a child with an unhealthy amount of selfish and self-serving attention.

Larry Lawton Meets The CyberHood Watch Partners, Dave & Bill

Larry Lawton’s program, Reality Check, has earned the respect of judges and parents who recommend their cases and/or children to Larry’s Reality Check Program. The success rate of Larry’s program in keeping kids from becoming incarcerated has earned Larry the recognition of Congress and his approved proactive educational DVD.

Larry appeared before Congress and demonstrated the cost savings of taking a proactive role and preventing kids from incarceration. The better kids understand the consequences of his or her actions, along with a reality check for making poor choices, seems to be an effective preventative tool in teaching kids to make better informed decisions.

“I don’t believe in bad kids, I believe in bad choices”, said Larry.

Larry went on to say, “Kids know right from wrong, what they don’t understand, and this is understandable, is the consequences of bad choices. Every kid knows if you cross the highway, you are going to get hit by a car. Every kid knows if you touch a hot plate, you are going to get burned. Every kid knows if you rob a bank, you are going to jail. What they don’t understand is how bad the consequences are when they are doing certain things like drugs or getting involved with the wrong crowds”.

The biggest complaint that Larry hears from the kids is not that their parents are too tuff, it is they are not there for them. I can only imagine how much that statement influences the lives and the troubles that surround the kids who find himself or herself feeling alone and without anyone being there for him or her.

“It is never too late to turn it around”, said Larry.

Larry Lawton is living proof of turning a life around. Be sure to listen to the rest of the interview with Larry Lawton.

Good results happen with your kids through “Communication & Awareness”.

david c ballard

Radio Security Journalist

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