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KidZui’s CEO Cliff Boro, Meets With Dave & Bill On The CyberHood Watch Radio (CHWR)…Kids Discovering The Internet Without Worries!

by dballard on December 14, 2010

Cliff Boro On The CyberHood Watch Radio (CHWR) With Dave & Bill

After listening to the interview with Cliff Boro, you will arrive at the same conclusion…

KidZui is a site built with passion that provides families a safe and secure browser for kids and their digital life, while discovering and experiencing the best of cyberspace. Kids will remember growing up with KidZui, just like those of us who remember growing up with Flash Gordon.

There is tremendous support and talent behind KidZui. Visit the site and check out the YouTube videos selected for the site, all handpicked and approved covering many interests that are both entertaining and educational.

“My psychic desire to KidZui is to be the modern day version of my dad”, said Cliff Boro as he shared a warm story about his dad, and how he was the “Google” in Cliff’s life. [Time stamp 13:45]

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KidZui is not unlike providing his or her child a safe place to learn how to ride a bike or a safe place to practice your parallel parking (technology is eliminating that one). Nonetheless, KidZui is the place for children to navigate, discover, and understand, while simultaneously developing responsible cybercitizens. Kids are empowered to recognize what to expect a safe and secure website to look and feel like.

The transformation of KidZui has finally emerged and now provides all its discovery and security throughout the entire service free. Would you ever imagine receiving a detailed digest of what your child is interested while on the Internet? The information provided in the KidZui digest develops an informed parent about his or her child’s interests and habits while browsing the net. Consequently, it is also a great way to strike up a healthy conversation, allowing parents to get to know their kids better.

Cliff set both Bill and I up to fall for a one-liner, which solicits a burst of laughter, and then says in all seriousness, that is like a double whammy. You got us on that one, Cliff… [Time stamp 22:45]

Deanne Kells, former Editor-in-Chief of LeapFrog, is now Editor-in-Chief of KidZui, and an integral part of KidZui development. There are 8,600 categories, millions of pages, and all age appropriate with specific content and pictures for each category.

Cliff answered our original question, which he set us up for with his witty remark. However, the answer Cliff Boro did share regarding what he learned was how kids navigated, and discovered all four corners of the site, which covers millions of reviewed pages.

Another interesting point that Cliff brought up is that kids are KidZui’s partners. The aggregate of millions of kids searching on the closed browser is that you find out in real time what interests kids. The links that kids click on are reviewed, and if appropriate are added, so there are always new pages and valuable content added.

Kids Deserve A Safe Environment - CyberHood Watch Recommended

KidZui is built is built for kids, and eighty percent come back every month. I hope that we will soon find KidZui in the school environment.

Your CyberHood Watch Partner,

david c ballard
Radio Security Journalist

PS: Be sure to visit out library of previous Authorities…Over 200 hours of valuable information for a Safe Digital Life.

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