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W. Hord Tipton & Rich Harrison of (ISC)2 Safe and Secure Online Meets The CyberHood Watch Partners, Dave & Bill

by dballard on August 31, 2010

(ISC)2 Shares Tips With The CyberHood Watch

When The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill, became aware of (ISC)2, they were excited to talk with other leaders knowing they would gain new insight to share with the kids in the community. When you think about how long the Internet has been available for common use, we are still in an infant stage of what is to come.

When (ISC)2 posed the question to a group of young elementary students regarding the PC, “Who is the expert in your home?”, more than sixty percent of the kids raised their hands.

“Without a doubt, what’s required here is a unanimous understanding of a need to teach our kids this, as part of the curriculum. Without a doubt, new computers are here and are no longer a discussion about the technology of using it, and absolutely a discussion about the human nature of it, and dealing with what is normal and abnormal behavior.

Once we get that across everything that is required in terms of manpower, money, and origination will follow, but at the moment there is still this belief – yeah, this is just a passing phase, it’s just computers, schools just need to focus on the three Rs, and we can’t do that anymore. It’s here, and it’s here to stay, and it’s invading our lives more and more every day. So, we need to get these programs set up, legislated, rolled out, and supported”, said Rich Harrison, spokesperson for Safe and Secure Online when answering The CyberHood Watch magic wand question.

The CyberHood Watch Meets (ISC)2 Safe & Secure Online

Here you have one of the world’s largest organizations of information security professionals, with an excess of 71,000 members, willing to develop a program to help empower children on understanding safe practices. The CyberHood Watch has tirelessly advocated for the safety and security of children, families, & businesses for years, and for schools to have (ISC)2 come in and teach your children is an outstanding opportunity and on e that should not be overlooked.

How many industries do you think are doing a trillion dollars a year? Anyone curious what a trillion looks like… $1,000,000,000,000.00. Unless, we forget, that is a trillion dollars every year. W. Hord Tipton brought the trillion dollars to our attention. However; it occurred to me, how much of that trillion can be reintroduced back into the market because of the efforts of world leaders like (ISC)2 and smaller corporations like The CyberHood Watch who educate and empower children how to live his or her digital life safely and securely in the digital age.

The future of the Internet belongs to our children, or does the future of our children belong to the Internet? Empowering children, who will empower others will most likely develop a new net-generation of digital citizens who will make better-informed digital decisions, and not become victims of cybercriminals, hence; recouping some of the trillion dollars lost each year.

W. Hord Tipton Executive Director and member of the Board of Directors, (ISC)2 encourage young adults to consider security as career. I know of a trillion dollar market, which should be considered as newfound monies and an opportunity to support the economy.

Rich Harrison Comment to TheCyberHood Watch Was Knowing The Consequences Elevates Kids Level of Understanding

Other suggestions offered by both W. Hord Tipton and Rich Harrison noted that children who understand the consequences of his or her action elevates the level of understanding and a parents assurance his or her child will make better informed decisions.

Attention! According to Rich Harrison, it is more than just computers it is understanding devices. This is not going away or going to get better. The fact is it is going to grow exponentially and this is part of our everyday digital lives. You have to be connected to do business, and get work done.

“Just because you can do something with the technology doesn’t mean that it is a good thing to do”, said Rich. However, an organization like (ISC)2 does know a lot about technology and what they are doing is more than a good thing, they are developing responsible digital citizens, and assuring the future of the Internet belongs to our children.

If you would like the (ISC)2 Safe and Secure Online program presented at your school or a school in your community, please contact and you will be connected with a volunteer in your area, if available.

david c ballard

Radio Security Journalist

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