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Don’t HIT Rock Bottom!!! Before you ask for help… OR

by bwardell on March 2, 2010

YOU Get Your Self a personal LIFE Coach :)

SO WHAT IS Rock Bottom??!!

Is IT: Tiger Woods?
Is IT: A Drug Addict?
Is IT: A Alcoholic?
Is IT: A Homeless person?
Is IT: A Postal Worker? gone postal!
Is IT: A Skid Row Bum?
Is IT: A CEO Scamming his shareholders?
Is IT: A Politician lying to their constituents?
Is IT: A parent the day a child runs away for home? never returning!

Hiring a Life Coach should not be something you put off until you need it…
IT should be something that you make a conscious decision to do, because you understand WHY you need one…  not because you have no other place to turn, and now it’s to late to put your family back together, your own life, or someone who really needs you to be their coach or mentor… and your not ready, because you’ve not made the decision to learn and GROW!

Line Brunet

We had the pleasure of meeting a fantastic life coach today her name is Line Brunet she is a Life Coach with a fascination for human behavior, potential and transformation.

As a Life and Spiritual Coach, Line strives to encourage others to acknowledge what is, realize their potential in order to overcome obstacles and believe in their ability to succeed by speaking from the heart and with a coaching style that is direct and action-oriented.   As a way to empower others with knowledge, Line provides many resources on her website, and through her  blog  also, check out her latest Family Focus Live Radio Shows…

I love the analogy of professional sports…
and my favorite team the Utah JAZZ, their coach Jerry Sloan, and the best point guard EVER John Stockton!!!

Utah Jazz logo
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A great foundation, someone who understood the core values and was willing to teach them, and the student…  who was willing to listen and learn and then apply what he had learned, every day…  19 years later, John was the All Time Assists Leader with 15,806 assists in total, 5000 more than anyone else, this record will (may) never be broken!!!  All Time Steals Leader with over 3200 steals…  He was named one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA history, a 10 Time All-Star, and the list goes on and on…

You get the point even the best of the best have a coach and/or a mentor!!!  That is HOW they became the BEST!! then, the topper came last April… John Stockton was announced as a member of the 2009 class of inductees to the Basketball Hall of Fame.

I believe that when the student is ready the teacher will appear, I also believe when the teacher is prepared the student will be found!!!

Thanks again, to Line Brunet for being our teacher today!

Your CyberHood Watch Partner

Bill Wardell

p.s. Line had one of the best CyberHood Watch Magic Wand “quotes” ever… please listen to the interview and help her make the dream, come true!

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