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Happy Birthday CHWradio – Presents For All Our Readers – From YourSphere & CyberHood Watch

by dballard on February 3, 2010

Seventeen Steps To Better Internet Parenting



The more I think about it, the more I realize what Bill and I have put together in our down loadable book, “Think It Won’t Happen To You” is exactly what will bring parents, grandparents, and responsible adults current on Internet matters threatening our children.

It is not a masterpiece of English literature, and I am sure somewhere you will find fault in its grammatical structure (I struggled with diagramming sentences – ouch, still stings), but nonetheless the message is so important, and we do manage to get the point across, including solutions. However, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink. Unfortunately, the same principle applies; we can provide you with the best-written document, but unless you read it – it is useless, and unfortunately children are left vulnerable.

If you can name a dozen top mobile media and Internet issues threatening your children and the potential solutions needed to either protect or empower your child then, “Think It Won’t Happen To You”, is not for you.

If the latter statement is true, then we would like to invite you as a guest post writer. For everyone else, take the time to read what two years of research and more than a hundred guests have shared with the CyberHood Watch about what children and parents are facing in the digital age.

Safe Social Network Site For Kids & By Kids

Let’s go back to this horse at the trough and this complacency of not taking action. Yesterday, Mary Kay Hoal of YourSphere gave CHWradio a very generous Birthday gift for all our guests, listeners, and partners. CHWradio’s Birthday present from Mary Kay is a free six month paid membership for your children, grandchild, or even your neighbor’s children.  Take Action! Go to YourSphere and enter this code: YS10-CYBH, and give children a gift of a safe monitored social network site for kids and by kids.

david c ballard

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