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“What is the Most Frequently Asked Question You Get?” Mariana Williams Responded, “What’s it Like to be Married to Paul Williams?”

by dballard on August 29, 2011

Once Upon A Time on CHWradio, Mariana Williams Tells A Story to the CyberHood Watch Partners, Dave & Bill...

No doubt, after listening to the live interview with Mariana Williams, pianist, singer, author, and storyteller, maybe the, “should have asked question” should be, “When are you going to tell or write your story about Paul Williams?”

I would imagine without each other, Paul would write about the blues, while Mariana sang the blues.

Mariana is this year’s 2011 NATIONAL INDIE EXCELLENCE AWARD WINNER Chick lit…Click here to find out more about Mariana’s accomplishments as an author. Mariana’s new novel, Stars or Stripes 4th of July is scheduled for release October 31, 2011. Previous novels include “Happy New Year Darling

What better way to post about an interview with Mariana Williams, storyteller, than by telling a story…

As I scanned the CHWradio station’s dashboard, Mariana appeared in the queue. “She’s on Bill, let’s bring her in”. “Hi, is this Mariana?” Bill asked. Yes it is….” After our initial hellos and introductions, we chatted before the interview went live. I sensed that Mariana Williams was not only interesting, but also interested in sharing with our listeners her years of storytelling and the best way to tell a story.

Mariana described her years of entertaining in the U.S. and abroad playing piano and singing in the finer hotels and establishments. Throughout her performances, Mariana discovered that her audience would invariably share personal stories, without any solicitation…thus the catalyst that began filling the coffers of great material for Mariana Williams’s storytelling.

Mariana Williams Stops By CHWradio to Share Her Thoughts on Storytelling...

Bill and I listened as Mariana shared her stories. Mariana noted that the art of storytelling is becoming more and more popular. When Mariana said that, I couldn’t help but recall how Christi, my wife, shared a similar experience when she was a flight attendant. She recalls how after buckling into her jump seat, nearby passengers would begin sharing his or her personal unsolicited stories, like those shared around Mariana’s piano. For some unknown reason it appears there are certain environments conducive for loosening the lips and hearts of strangers wishing to share their personal stories.

I agree with Mariana, there seems to be a movement in the art of storytelling. Hal Cannon and his wife Teresa are part of the storytelling movement. I had the pleasure this summer of attending, Hal Cannon’s  first performance debut of his newly released CD, a collection of all original songs. Hal uses storytelling to introduce each song, moreover; his wife Teresa (Jordan) Cannon (also an author, artist, and storyteller), entertained the audience with a childhood story involving a cold bottled of soda, her dad, and growing up in Wyoming on the family ranch.

Mariana Williams shares with everyone the power of storytelling and how the CyberHood Watch® partners, Dave & Bill could adopt these principles of storytelling to teach children to make better-informed digital decisions. Applying these principals will help parents to better connect with his or her child about living a safe and secure digital life in a fast moving mobile market.

“We will go live in five – four – three – two – beep…Blog talk Radio!”…

Listen to the interview now or download now and listen to it later:

Listen to internet radio with Dave and Bill on Blog Talk Radio

Discover how long a good story should last, how to structure a good story to create interest, and what not to do at the end of your story.

Your CyberHood Watch Partner,

david c ballard

Radio Security Journalist

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