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Founder of Minimonos, Melissa Clark-Reynolds Visits With The CyberHood Watch on CHWR

by dballard on March 15, 2011

Dave & Bill Interview Melissa Clark-Reynolds on CHWR

Melissa Clark-Reynolds | Minimonos | CHWradio

Melissa Clark-Reynolds, CEO of Minimonos is a prime example of an outstanding site for kids. Recently, a wonderful group of websites and browser designed for children has surfaced, and are nothing short of “Awesome”.

Melissa is the Founder of Minimonos, a virtual world for children focused on growing good kids, not good consumers. Minimonos is a fabulous site, which emulates core values that The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill favor.

We will someday be talking about the birth of the “digital natives” and its first generation who will not remember plug-in Internet. The Internet will be mobile and wireless, a moment of clarity for Melissa when her three year old daughter woke her up to inform her that the wireless was down.

Think like a small child who is excited to be online who is taught to be polite and social.  Moreover, we make the assumption they have the skills to understand the online world. We need to teach them that the online world is different. Melissa shared a story about her daughter, and the meaning of “friend” from a child’s perspective.

Imagine your daughter typing her name into the computer before writing her name with a pencil.

“Digital Divide” is a term frequently mentioned by The CyberHood Watch to describe the technical savvy gap between a parent and his or her child. However, Melissa told Dave & Bill about another potential “Digital Divide” unfolding…The gap between children afforded the opportunity to have a computer, and those who cannot.

Melissa, and a previous guest, Yalda T. Uhls are great examples of moms closely involved in the development of an outstanding service to protect his or her child(s) safety & security for living a better digital life in a friendly and healthy Earth.

Local online communities closer than a physical community.

Listen in and hear about how one child built a community called, “Pick up trash Friday”.

Listen to internet radio with Dave and Bill on Blog Talk Radio

The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill offer a big “thank you” to Melissa Clark-Reynolds and all our guests for the time they share with all of us.


Your CyberHood Watch Partner,


david c ballard

Radio Security Journalist


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