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“Get Your Flink On” Something To Flink(12) About With Anne Cowley | Flink Your Kids Are Secure? Flink12 About A New Secure Social NetworkingAgain.

by dballard on April 19, 2011

Flink Secure...Flink 12

Flink12 - The Secure Social Network

Who is Anne Cowley and Flink12…She is someone who “Gets Her Flink On”. What the Flink | In the Flink of an Eye | Flink of something else | There is no weak Flink in this chain of  secure social networking…

More about Anne Cowley and what she is Flinking

Recently, I had the chance to hear a discussion between Mark Zuckerberg and Senator Orrin Hatch on Innovation and Public Policy, held at Brigham Young University (BYU). It seems that there is no avoiding the issue of security and privacy issues when it comes to Facebook. Invariably the question of what are you doing about security was addressed, and the typical response was, we do everything we can to maintain a sophisticated level of security and privacy. Imagine that, approximately 2,300 Facebook employees policing more than a half billion (5,000,000,000) users. That settles it…I feel a whole lot more secure about that.

So, why are most systems designed and built with the burden of security and protection left for individuals to add what he or she wants for protection. At first thought you might think, we should have the right to add what we want to share and not share with others, and I would agree. However, many, many, individuals do not understand what is or what is not, best for his or her security interest. Consequently, many individuals do nothing, or inadvertently enable or disable the wrong application, not to mention when changes occur that further exposes your personal identifiable information.

I have always wondered why Facebook, software developers, social network sites, or any sites where we share information do not begin with each individual totally immersed in security and from there he or she decides what layers to peel back rather than the opposite of adding layers…the norm for today.

Fortunately, Anne Cowley and her team have built from the ground up, the social network site Flink12 totally on the premise of security first. From the beginning, each individual is secure and he or she then decides what security to peel back.

Your Flink12 social network is private, not searchable by Google, and the site is even void of ads, so there is no need of anyone to gather information, and market to any of its members.

Founder Anne Cowley on CHWR

Flink12 The Secure Social Network on CHWR

Each Flink12 has a limit of 12 friends in each social network. Why only 12 friends in any Flink? Do you really believe you have 5K friends? We have reached a point when the noun friend has become a verb…Friend me. In addition, the average number of friends that you really and honestly communicate with on a regular basis is only about six according to Flink12 research.

Today when social networks and personally identifiable information is leaking into the public domain, now there is a safe haven for anyone who wants to experience what social networking in a secure environment feels like. It reflects a time when you could let your kids go out and play safely in the fenced backyard.

Be sure to listen to the show and find out more about the ins and outs of Flink12 from the founder Anne Cowley. Allow your kids to play in the social networks in the safety of his or her fenced Flink12 backyard.

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