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To Facebook Or Not To Facebook? Part II

by bwardell on March 11, 2011

You can start by not allowing your children to have a Facebook account until they are 13 years old or maybe even 16, in fact at the level of conversation that goes on as well as the people and apps that are on Facebook, children should really be at least 18!!

Of course that is a very controversial statement but take a look at this story to understand why the CHW Partners make this recommendation!

Something to remember is that Facebook was created by college age developers for college age students. How could this be right for your pre-teen and teens for that matter any of your children that is under the age of 18!

If you allow your children 13 years and younger to get a Facebook account, you are teaching them that lying is ok because you’re required to check a box that says you are over the age of 13 and parents if you fill this out for your children then you are actually showing them that because their parents checked the box then you are lying for them, and your saying it is OK for parents to lie in their behalf…

And, something to ponder:

Did you know how powerful the owner of Facebook is? In just 6 short years he became one of the most powerful people on the planet and is now one the most wealthy. In just 7 years he has amassed huge wealth it’s estimated at close to: $15,000,000,000 yes you read that correctly billion dollars and at least 6 people who work with him, are billionaires as well.

I remember years ago a very young internet marketer/entrepreneur named Cory Rudy shared a very interesting principle that very few people knew about called the principle of 7 years. To this day most people don’t truly understand the power and enormous potential of the internet (WWW) the way he did!!!

Cory’s Example: 7 = 40 Basically in a nut shell 7 years on the internet will result in a business model that would produce the same result of an offline business in 40 years, in other words the old business model would not work online and you would need to adjust your business plan to stay competitive in this new world market. At the time of Cory’s death in 2005, Mark Zuckerberg had just started his Facebook project with some friends at his university and they had only been in business for one year at that time. WOW! 7 years to create a multi-billion dollar company that is still growing, who knows how big it will really become!!!

Exponential Growth (Word Of Mouth advertizing) at it’s best.

Just how powerful will Mark Zuckerberg become over the next few years? Are you prepared to understand all the potential negatives and positives to you and especially your family, our country and our way of life? Is this the person who we want, to have the most power in the world?? As of January 2011, Facebook has more than 600 million active users!

Interesting question and only time will tell… and with exponential growth this may only take just a few more short (2-3) years when we face this new social media (NWO) world head on, to protect our privacy, homes, our families and yes even our money! To read part 1

Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT, BE IT

Your CyberHood Watch Partner

Bill Wardell

Radio Security Journalist

© 2007 – 2011 CyberHood Watch

p.s. for parents who want an alternative social network for their children check out: it is a wonderful site for children everywhere and they monitor all the actively on the site and community for illegal & suspicious behavior plus potential predators!!

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