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The Daddy Behind The and DaddyTeller Book!

by bwardell on September 2, 2010

K. Sean Buvala is a Trainer, Corporate Coach, and Speaker. But first and foremost, he’s a Storyteller… and a DAD!

We learned today as we interviewed Sean, and he shared with us Stories about his family and his work, that his life really is an open BOOK ;)

I couldn’t resist a few good puns… but it is true Sean reminded us how simple it is to be a dad. What we have to learn is not to make excuses when it comes to raising our own children. Put DOWN THE REMOTE and tell a few stories to your kids!!!

If you follow this advice you will have great kids, smart kids, respectful kids and honest kids… (your kids will be exactly how you want them to be) or NOT! It is up to you to teach them the CORE values of your beliefs and the traditions of your family. Plain and simple right?

Well sometimes the simple little things are over looked, but they are still very important. Don’t believe it? Then listen to the interview below you’ll learn why and how the smallest things makes the BIGGest difference!

Sean, gave one of the best answers to our CyberHood Magic Wand question we’ve ever had, and advice every father, mother and caregiver should know when it comes to building a relationship with children!! listen towards the end of the interview to hear these worderful words of wisdom!

Get your own copy of the DaddyTeller Book here:


Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT, BE IT

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You can also get tons of great free info at Sean’s website:
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