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CyberBullying and how it could affect your child.

by CHWatch on March 4, 2011

Social networking has really turned into a big thing over the last decade, with Facebook currently the big player in the market. Many children have a Facebook page – official Facebook rules means you need to be 13 to have a Facebook page. However many children under 13 have an account and children as young as 8 appear to have them.

CyberBullying – what forms can it take?

Repeated unwanted messages, remember that it may be not be on Facebook. Texts messages, e mails, message boards can be used to make repeated threatening messages. Also remember it may not be threatening messages it can just be an attempt by the bully to run your child down. Many bullies act as though they are the child’s friend but bully when they have the opportunity.

What can you do about cyberbullying?

First you need to sit your child down and get them to tell you everything that is going on. There are many options available. You can take people off your friends list on Facebook and block them.

This means they will not be able to message them or see any of their activity. This may not be final however, it could turn into bullying offline or they could use a different friend’s account to continue to bully. Monitor closely what is happening with your child’s computer.

Facebook and other social networking sites are easily available through mobile phones nowadays so keep a close eye on this also.

Other tactics used by bullies.

Other tactics bullies sometimes use is to post upsetting messages on other peoples Facebook pages such as, your child’s friend, meaning they will see the message. Blocking them will stop this however your child may be told about this by others.

If the level of bullying moves up to this level or shows no sign of stopping, it’s time to talk to the school and considering contacting the parents of the bully. Contacting parents of the bully should be done carefully, remember it’s possible their bullying behavior is picked up from the parents.


Bullies can pretend to be the victim on chat rooms and basically embarrass them, this can be a really destructive type of bullying as the victim does not know what has been said and is the victim of jokes and talk behind their back.

Many bullies use this tactic to turn other people against them, changing or creating messages to turn them against them.

Bullying can get worse as other children want to be part of the group which leads to the situation getting worse.

About the author:

Alan Murray is a dad of two and writes for a baby girl names website.
The site has a wealth of information on pregnancy tips, toddlers and pregnancy week by week.

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