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Here Are A Couple Of Internet Safety Guidlines For Parents, Guardians, & Educators…

by dballard on April 14, 2010

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A comment we hear all the time is “Communication & Awareness”.  Parents need to establish an ongoing dialog with your children and be sure to keep the line of communication open. The #1 and #2 reasons your kids will avoid telling you about someone or something bothering them on the Internet is because they fear losing his or her computer privileges or their parent “Freaking-Out”.

Spend time alongside your children, and let them know they can trust coming to you with out “Freaking-Out”. It is statistically proven that parents that talk to his or her child a lot about digital safety are less likely to meet in person someone they have met on the Internet.

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Parents need to supervise the use of all his or her child’s digital-enabled devices. It use to be and still is good advice to place the PC in a public place in the home. However, mobile digital devices are becoming the norm and pack as much and soon more power than the desktop computer. Be sure to monitor all points of Internet access including portable music devices, gaming device, and PDA.

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