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Communication and Awareness Is Still The Key, says Sariah Donnahoo Of The Utah ICAC

by bwardell on September 17, 2010

ICAC – CyberBullying and Sextortion, What Parents Need to Know, Sariah Donnahoo from the Utah ICAC joined Dave and Bill today on the CHWR live show.

We meet and learned about Sariah on a 2 News broadcast we did together, a couple of weeks ago… when, Sariah was asked about a scary and emerging trend that is very serous problem among teens today… it’s called, Sextortion!! Teenage boys blackmailing girls into giving them more explicit cell phone and internet photos with the threat of publicizing illicit photos already received.

See the complete story, and you can also watch the 2 News clip here…

“Yeah it is happening here in Utah a lot,” said Sariah Donnahoo, a behavioral analyst with The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. “They really believe there is a trusting relationship and it is going to stay just between them and this is going to make their relationship more loving by exchanging these types of photos.” Donnahoo travels to various schools to advise teenagers that is not always correct and advise them of the dangers of “sexting”.

Donnahoo says sometimes the boy suddenly blackmails the girl into sending him more explicit photos or he will send her photo to family and friends. “You have that teenager that sending the photo all of a sudden realizing what do I have to do to keep this under wraps,” said Donnahoo.


What are your expectations for you, your family, your children and your life? Sariah’s advice to us is to post this plain view of the whole family and that parents need to be involed and put their own expectations for themselves… so your children see’s how impottant these are in life, to making the RIGHT Choices :) so you can avoid some life’s most serious consequences!

Parents please DON”T be Embarrassed… your children’s future depends on YOU to talk to them about life & choices… Please DON’T let someone else teach them the facts of LIFE!!

This is one of the best interviews we have ever had, to learn how and why you need to communacate with your children and please make yourself aware and have awareness when it comes to what your children are dealing with on a daily basis in school and with their peers

Think IT Won’t Happen To You -or- your KIDS, THINK again!

Please, Please take the time to; listen to this interview !!

Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT, BE IT

Your CyberHood Watch Partner

Bill Wardell

Radio Security Journalist

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