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Communication & Awareness – Court Rules With This Observation…

by dballard on June 6, 2010


Thanks Mom & Dad... I Do See The Snake In The Grass - Empower Your Children...Communicate With Them

My son Courtney (Court) and I were having a discussion, when he made the comment, “I challenge you to get someone to understand you without communicating with him or her”.

Five years my partner, Bill and I have been immersed in advocating and empowering children, families, and businesses  on what it takes to be safe  on the Internet, and enjoy the digital world with the fewest number bad experiences.

The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill, talk about “communication & awareness” all the time. However, when you think of Courtney’s latter comment it reveals how important it is for parents, guardians, and educators to be mindful of what is happening in his or her child’s digital life.  If you are not communicating your principles on how to behave in the digital world, children will never understand what you believe in, nor the ethics and behavior you wish to instill in your child. There are enough readers of this post today, to make a difference. You are now aware and need to invite your child, or someone you care for into an ongoing open communication about living with the Internet and the Digital Age.


I Get It Now...We'll Communicate - OK!

Nancy McBride, National Safety Director for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children introduced the new program, “Take 25” on CHWradio. Take 25 is all about parents taking twenty-five minutes to talk with his or her child on a regular basis. Even a national organization like NCMEC understands the importance of “communication & awareness”.

Begin with communicating with your childhow valuable his or her personal information is worth…Treat it like cash. Many individuals online are only interested in stealing cash (personal information).


Empower Your Child's Digital Life...

It's Not That Puzzling...

Attention! This Tuesday, Dave & Bill will interview Debra Berlyn a consumer expert who has spent years working on issues of online safety and privacy. She is president of Consumer Policy Solutions, an organization focused on protecting the interest of consumers, and director of the Consumer Awareness Project, an initiative created to educate consumers about both online and mobile safety and privacy concerns on the Internet.


Ms. Berlyn currently serves as the chairperson for the Federal Communications Commission Consumer Advisory Committee. She is also a member of the Board of Directors of the National Consumers League.

Check out times and dates for this interview and others this month on CHWradio.


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