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Co-Founders Geoffrey Arone & Michael Clark are going to share with Dave & Bill a very time sensitive subject…

by bwardell on June 3, 2010

How To Avoid Internet Addiction This Summer!

Who is SafetyWeb?

SafetyWeb is the first service created by the very people who have created some of the biggest online services out there! Our founders have not only worked on web sites that combined service over 200 million registered users, but they have also assisted in the arrest and prosecution of sex offenders! Even if you are not concerned about online predators, bear in mind that everything that your child does online leaves a trail, a trail that universities and employers are likely to stumble upon. SafetyWeb counts amongst its founders an Ivy League graduate who conducts admission interviews for his alma mater. Conducting a Google search is one of many first steps partaken when he gets a new interview request from the school or is looking to hire a new employee.

Geoffrey is a smart, aggressive, scrappy, repeat entrepreneur with a solid reputation in the Valley. He has 12 years of successful product development. Prior to, Geoffrey co-founded A Large Corporation, LLC with MC Hammer with the primary web property DanceJam. He raised 2 rounds of venture funds and sold the company to SportsNet in 2009. Geoffrey was also a founder of the social web browser Flock where he successfully built an organization from 2 employees to >30. He developed a product which has had over 8 million installs to date. Geoffrey has also held Product positions at Real Networks and Oracle and founded

Michael is one of only a handful of people in the world who has scaled a web service to over 100 million users. He has built infrastructure to support some of the biggest sites on the web including Photobucket and TinyPic. Prior to SafetyWeb, Michael was the first executive hire and architect at Photobucket and the platforms he scaled now accommodate > 100 million registered users with 8 billion images.

He built the development, operations, and customer support teams to keep up with the growth and helped lead Photobucket to a $300 million exit to NewsCorporation. Michael has also served as a senior solution engineer at NetApp, led the development of a solid state storage product for TiGi, built a telecom engineering organization at TouchAmerica, and helped build Citrix’s consulting services organization. He has over 15 years of direct experience building scalable systems.

Listen to the complete interview, it will blow you away… tech knowledge, security tips, summertime strategies for Keeping Our Children Safe online, and also ways of not being trapped and held hostage by yours, ours and theirs… technology world all summer long :)

Both Geoffrey and Micheal gave great answers to our CHW Magic Wand question, and also right before the end the show they offered all of CyberHood Watch followers and listeners a 30% discount on their CHILD Security System

Dave and I want to personally thank them both for being on the show, but especially for their generous gift to all of you!!

All you need to is go to this PAGE and make sure you fill in the info for the report and Search Now >> then you’ll taken to and receive the discount…

(LQQK for the Text) Everyone on the web knows what your kid did last night. Do you? Type in their email.

Then you will be shown the report, and that point you can then include the Promo Code: chwradio

Please take every precaution to protect your children this summer, and use this great tool to get the summer started off right!!

Your Partners In Preventing CRIME :)

Dave and Bill

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