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Thanks For Stopping By – Introduce Yourself – It Is Nice To Meet You Too…We Care!

by dballard on February 17, 2010

Enjoying The Digital Age Safely...The CyberHood Watch - We Care!

I was chatting with my friend Alice, an Authority Blogger, who has several great blogs. It was about midnight when Alice sent me an IM (Instant Message, for the benefit of a new reader) asking me what I was up to. I replied, I was writing a post, something I do quite a bit of, which is nothing new when you are building an Authority Site with original and valuable content. Which brings me back to Alice?

After Alice acknowledges she understood because she was also working on her Authority Site (1:00 a.m.), I asked the question, “What can we do to reach more readers and make sure our message is heard?” Better yet, find out if our message provides value to our readers? Every day our Blog has grown steadily in numbers of unique visitors, even with the 2009 web host disaster.

Keep this in mind when you read the next statement: The following are two community Authority Sites, less than five months old, now imagine what two additional years of content, development, unique visitors, traffic would add to the value of  The CyberHood Watch and CHWradio visitors.  Less than five months ago our previous hosting company claimed a virus infection and lost everything, all two years of building, links, back links, content, comments, etc. etc. and everything associated with a content rich site vanished into cyberspace. You know the kind of site built on the principle of over delivering value.

A Silver Lining - Making Lemonade From Life's Misfortunes...

The “Silver Lining” was taking the lemons we were given and making some of the best lemonade you have ever tasted. We were pleasantly surprised to realize we had not lost too much ground with name recognition. What we have done in the last five months is a testament to our passion to try to make a difference in someone’s family, if not directly, at least by empowering children with enough knowledge, at minimum, to protect their innocence in the digital age.

As we vented and blew off a bit of frustration associated with all the time, effort, money, and resources a great Authority Site requires, we wondered what more we could do. How could others hear the great messages our guest from around the world were sharing with the CHWradio.

Both Alice and I wondered and hoped what we were doing had a positive effect in the lives of our readers. We understand everyone is busy, but take a moment and say hello – it helps make for a more interesting web conversation.

Dear Readers/Visitors - My Friends & I Are Wondering...

We decided each of us would write a post and invite you over to introduce yourselves.  All of us offer great content and useful information. You will see we why we refer to us as Authority Sites – we provide value?

If not (this is an afterthought) what are you looking for? What is your most pressing question when it comes to your child’s digital safety on the Internet? That is my question…check to see what the others say or ask.

Alice (we also asked two others, Bill & Anissa, to join in the question survey) will write a post and link to each others post and reciprocate by asking the same question.

  • The worst…”Four Bloggers Retire…To Continue Their Authority Sites.”
  • The Best…”Receive Comments Thanks For What You Do…You Make A Difference.”
  • The Very Best…”We Build Relationships & Build A Community Who Takes Action.”

There is a comment box at the bottom of the page – just let us know you were here…Sign with a “BRB” if you want – means, “Be Right Back .”

david c ballard

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