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How Can You Help Someone Who Is Being Bullied? Meet The CyberHood Watch Bears, Friend & Patch…

by dballard on February 25, 2010

Begin Communication Early With Your Cub About Digital Safety

When it comes to Bullying or Cyber Bullying it is important that children understand they are safe to come to you, their parent or trusted adult, and share what is on their mind, without judgment or having someone Freak Out!

Children consistently say the number one reason they avoid telling a parent or trusted adult is the fear they will Freak Out or may end up losing their computer privileges or mobile phone use.

Unfortunately, it happens and happens all too often. Moreover, it is probably more perceived than fact, as to how your child comprehends it, so parents take a moment and assure your child, he or she can approach you and talk about anything that is bothering them without Freaking Out!

Here is a short video story you and your cub(s) can watch together. In this story, Patch has been bullied by Butch and Grizzly Bear. Because of Bear Friend and what she had learned from talking with her Mom about bullies, Bear Friend, was able to help Patch out of a bad situation when being bullied by Butch and Grizzly Bear. Bear Friend used a simple approach she had learned from her Mom.

david c ballard

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