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ABC Family Premiers Original Movie “Cyberbullying” Sunday (July 17th) | The CyberHood Watch® Joins Pandora Corp Live Chat Event

by dballard on July 15, 2011

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Sunday, July 17 2011, the ABC Family will premier the original movie, “Cyberbullying”. The CyberHood Watch® partners, Dave & Bill, will be joining Pandora Corp., makers of PC Pandora computer monitoring software, on Pandora Corp.’s live chat that will coincide with ABC’s Family premier movie, “Cyberbullying”.

The CyberHood Watch® partners, urge parents to tune in to the program.

After years of research and more than three-hundred interviews with industry leaders’ worldwide, one of the common denominators referenced repeatedly by our guests on CHWradio is “Communication & Awareness”. It is one of the corner stones of the CyberHood Watch® community.

"Cyberbullying" The New ABC Family Movie | Join Pandora Corp Live Chat...CHW Will be There.

ABC’s Family movie “Cyberbullying” is a great opportunity for parents to open up a dialogue with his or her child. Not taking advantage of this opportunity is one of the other common threads we have recognized throughout the interviews that perpetuates these problems …Complacency and apathy.

Too often, we are or should be concerned with the viewing habits of our tweens and teens. However, ABC’s Family movie, “Cyberbullying” is one of those movies that give parents a chance to bridge the digital divide and allow for a teaching moment with his or her child.

Pandora Corp., has seized the moment and recognized a great opportunity to apply technology in a positive light and communicate further the need to help stop cyberbullying by making it interactive through a live chat.

Be sure to join all of us Sunday, July 17, 2011 here:


Your CyberHood Watch Partner,

david c ballard

Radio Security Journalist

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