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A Bright Light For Kids In The CyberHood Watch Community – Jeanine Swatton…

by dballard on September 29, 2010

The CyberHood Watch Community's Future Just Got Safer With Jeanine Swatton

A vivacious engineer with a passion for cyber security and keeping kids, parents, and families safe while living his or her digital life.

Imagine your sixteen again and enjoying your time away from school at the MIT summer program while others were away at camp. Do you think Jeanine Swatton recognized her academic interest early in her quest. All the while thinking how she could best serve the innocence of the new digital generation of kids.

Jeanine comes well prepared academically (Masters – NLP -), technically (Computer Science – Cyber Security), and personably with a passion for the safety and security of kids. The virtual world has become their reality, said Jeanine Swatton.

The CyberHood Watch Community Connecting Children Safely & Securly...

Included in Jeanine’s digital life are the relationships she has befriended on the social networks. Jeanine mentions a few adolescent girls, in their early teens who are programmers, each eager to contribute her skills helping develop Jeanine’s program. In turn, Jeanine mentors the girls with their engineering, programming, and coding.

It is exciting to see the entrepreneurial spirit embedded within such a capable mind and wrapped up in a cause to better the quality of the Internet and its children. Jeanine has a keen sense for cyber security and understanding the vulnerability of kids surrounded by mature adults, and masters of deceit.  Jeanine is focused on developing tools and educational programs to empower parents and children. However, what I feel will be unique is the level of input and involvement from the kids that Jeanine has envisioned.

For example, Jeanine Swatton believes the best advocates to stop cyber bulling are the children; it gives them a greater sense and empowers them more. The kids will experience a contribution to a greater good.

Everyone who listens to the interview is looking forward to meeting CyberSwatton and her trusted dog, GigaByte. When that day happens, The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill, will introduce you to Digital Dave, MegaByte Bill, & CyberHood WatchDog.

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During the show, we had a grandmother in the chat room who was concerned about adult family members involved in cyber bullying. That sparked a few comments, one of which was last Thursday’s guest, Michelle Bart, Soroptimist International and the Northwest Conference Against Trafficking (NWCAT). One important suggestion among others, for grandma, was if any of the illegal activity occurred on her computer, she is liable. When it comes to the digital age, you are guilty until proven innocent. You are responsible for the contents of your computer.

Your CyberHood Watch Partner,

david c ballard

Radio Security Journalist

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