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Protect Your Children: 4 Tips to Proper Protection

by CHWatch on August 22, 2011

Author: Joanna

The problem with children is that they get hurt. This is one of the basic truths of growing up; there is no avoiding the fact that at some point in a child’s life he or she will suffer some sort of injury or disease. No matter what a parent does will prevent that, but that does not mean that any good parent will stop trying. However, there are some ways that a parent can ensure that their kids will not be laid up for too long and will have proper insurance.

Four Insurance Tips for Proper Protection

  1. Make sure that coverage is up to date.
  2. Make sure that child has regular check-ups and immunizations.
  3. Make sure that proper safety gear is worn at all times.
  4. Make sure that proper training is available.

Maintaining Protection

Making sure that health insurance coverage is up to date should be pretty obvious. However, there is one small wrinkle here: The child may not always be covered. As children grow up, some insurance carriers charge different rates for children than for adults. An example of this is car insurance; most carriers have noticed that teenagers tend to have the lion’s share of accidents due to the lack of experience and excess of exuberance. Some carriers allow for a family rate, but others charge extra for teen drivers. Another potential issue is that there may be a age limit before a child must get his own policy. In short, make sure that the child is covered and do not be afraid to ask questions if that somehow changes.

Maintaining the Child

As part of this maintenance, the child should be getting regular check-ups and all immunizations should be up to date. This will help make sure that illnesses will be limited in effect, and that most simply will be prevented from happening. At the same time other illnesses will be detected, usually in time to be treated. One of the biggest advantages of insurance is that, not only are accidents easier to deal with, preventive measures are also cheaper; by taking advantage of this, health costs can be lowered, and any cost being lowered is always a good thing. A child with a healthy relationship with his doctor is usually a healthy child.

Prevention is Always Cheaper

The proper safety equipment for any task always makes that task easier and safer. The same applies to protection gear for any sport; not only is the athlete protected against most injuries, but he also has greater confidence in what he can do.

This applies off the field as well, especially to skateboarders.

The problem will always be teaching them this, as kids like using their reflexes more than their toughness, thinking that helmets and pads slow them down. Parents need to teach them better than that; the proper safety gear is not necessarily a hindrance.

Training Prevents Injuries

Helmets and safety pads prevent injuries. This is just the beginning, as training is also required. In most martial arts, the student learns how to fall in order to prevent injuries later on. As the student learns more ways to attack, he also learns more ways to absorb impacts. The same applies to sports; in football one does not learn just to deal damage, but how to absorb and resist the shock of an attack. This training helps prevent damage as the child is better able to anticipate where damage may come from and thus prevent or at least minimize damage.

This idea of proper training applies to tools and vehicles as well. Although there is no way to prevent all accidents from happening, it is possible to limit them through making sure that the child knows how to properly use, maintain, and put away whatever he uses. Using the proper safety equipment, such as goggles, should be emphasized. All of this training and protective gear, combined with proper insurance, will help to insure that the child is not only less likely to get injured, but that if he is injured he can be taken care of. Also, make sure that the children’s school safety regulations are correctly written!

Don’t Forget This

Guarding a child against disease or injury is virtually impossible. This is not to say that constant vigilance is a bad thing, just that parents need to keep in mind that any environment carries the possibility of injury or illness. There are a number of ways of dealing with the possibility; making sure that the child is covered by insurance is probably one of the best ways, as it allows for the possibility of dealing with any problems that develop. Insurance not only deals with the majority of things that kids find themselves in, but it also makes parents feel a little better as well.

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