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by dballard on February 11, 2010

February 9th, 2010 is Safe Internet Day. Why was I not aware of that until now? After all, I spend most my waking hours researching and writing about how to keep children, families, and businesses safe in the Digital Age. Which made me stop and think, what more could The CyberHood Watch partners do to help everyone enjoy the Internet safely.

After all when you consider “Safe Internet Day” and their goal, it seems to follow what many of CHWradio guests have echoed many many times, and that is Communication – Communication – Communication and Awareness are important attributes to enjoy the Internet safely.

The more often we share and integrate our personal life experiences as parents with our children the better our children’s understanding of how to behave wisely both on the Internet and digital mobile devices. The more we communicate, the more we empower children to make better-informed decisions in the digital age.

I was going through a mental list of what The CyberHood Watch partners could do, when I realized it is not so much what we can do, but more of what each reader can do if the CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill, will provide the platform. That is to take a moment, and either ask a question, or share a digital tip about keeping our children, families, and/or businesses safe on the Internet.

If you want to know about something, the Internet is a great source of discovering and uncovering the information to help make an informed decision. We spent the last two (2) years researching, as well as interviewing, more than a hundred (100) authorities worldwide on CHWradio who shared their experiences and years of wisdom on how to keep our kids, families, and businesses safe in the digital age.

CHWradio Supports Safe Internet Day

Through our research and interviews, we discovered many issues threatening the safety of our children, families, and businesses. The CyberHood Watch partners highlighted seventeen of the top concerns addressing all of us in a downloadable book titled, “Think It Won’t Happen To You”. We had offered the book free to Costco members when The CyberHood Watch became the Costco Business of the Month for January. We will continue the free download in celebration of “Safe Internet Day”

CyberHood Watch Supports Safe Internet Day

As I mentioned earlier, a particular beneficial piece of advice that surfaced frequently during our interviews was Awareness. Parents and guardians should be aware of his or her child’s online activities, and understand how the Internet and the digital age socially integrate into your child’s everyday life.  A second piece of advice is Communication. Communicating early with your child about what he or she may encounter on the Internet or through their digital media devices they now carried in their pockets or purses. Moreover, communicating with your child an assurance there is always a trusted adult, who he or she can approach without being judged when there is a problem is vital. The number one reason kids do not tell is they are afraid of losing computer privileges.

Therefore, The CyberHood Watch would like to enter a tip offered by “ins@fe” and their topic for 2010 is “Think B4 U post!” This is what started me thinking what we could do to join ins@fe to come up with something for Safe Internet Day.

Write…1 Post 4 Digital Safety (question or tip) in the comment box below. Communicate your ideas so others will become aware…It empowers.

david c ballard

PS: I did know it was Safe Internet Day…Just had another post I need to do, and posting this one late.

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