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SOPHOS | The State of Data Security – Defending Against New New Risks and Staying Compliant |

by dballard on July 21, 2011

The State

of Data Security

Defend Against New Risks

and Stay CompliantPinching Your Personal Identifiable Information (PII)  Uploaded with the Flock Browser -

In the Sophos Data Security Report 2011, there were several notable points to mention, and following is one: “Fortunately, it’s much less expensive to prevent a beach or other data loss incident, than it is to respond to one and resolve it after the fact”.

It seems the golden rule is to manage your information risks first and “…according to security expert Rebecca Herold, you’ll cover roughly 85 to 90% of compliance regulations if you practice effective protection.”

Once you have and understand your information risks the rest is handled through a detailed list of activities that will be adhered to. Here is a list found in the Sophos Data Security Report 2011:

  1. Know what you have
  2. Know what your employees have, and also what they access
  3. Know where valuable data is kept
  4. Know what to collect, what to keep and not  to keep
  5. Limit access
  6. Put in place appropriate safeguards

A Few Things We Talk About...

Living a Safe & Secure Digital Life...

There exist a common thread between managing enterprise information networks security and consumer’s PCs, mobile and digital devices as the recognized weak link in information security…Human behavior.

Human behavior means human mistakes. Enterprise has its challenges with what is called, the “Consumerization of IT, not unlike the challenges of children, parents, and educators, with the “Consumerization of Anonymity” in a mobile media digital age.

Digital natives, and possibly future Enterprise ITs, have never experienced growing up in a time before the Internet. However, today the adolescent digital natives may know the technology they are dealing with; however, many times they do not have a clue with whom they are dealing with.

Tireless Advocates For The Safety Of Children And Their Family's Online And Offline. Uploaded with the Flock Browser - Trusted adults need to understand how important his or her conversations are with kids about understanding best practices for living a secure digital life. It is vital that we maintain an open and continuous communication with our tech savvy children while their maturity and wisdom catch to complement their tech savvy abilities and ultimately to develop future responsible cybercitizens.

Like the Enterprise IT security information specialist and today’s digital parent, you must recognize how your data can be vulnerable with the onslaught of unprotected data on mobile devices and social media sites. Both Enterprise and parents face new legal issues and compliance issues and need to identify strategies to keep safe and compliant.

Enterprise can turn to Sophos, and children, parents, grandparents, educators, small business owners can turn to the CyberHood Watch for additional information.


Your CyberHood Watch Partner,

david c ballard

Radio Security Journalist



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