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People Are Ready To Learn…Stop. Think. Connect. Great News For The CyberHood Watch Partners…

by dballard on December 19, 2010

The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill have always expressed the importance of “Communication & Awareness” as an actionable step in living a safe and secure digital life.

After a yearlong endeavor a coalition of government, industry and nonprofit organizations for the first time have emerged with a message for online safety, called Stop. Think. Connect.

The findings revealed from the research, conducted by Heart + Mind Strategies, indicated that people are ready to learn and are concerned about his or her online security and safety, not only personally but globally. This is such great news.

Following are the research findings:

• 96 percent of Americans feel a personal responsibility to be safer and more secure online.
• 93 percent believe their online actions can protect not only friends and family but also help to make the Web safer for everyone around the world.
• 61 percent believe that much of online safety and security falls under their personal control, and consistent with those feelings, 90 percent said they want to learn more about keeping safer on the Internet.
• 48 percent feel their actions to stay safe and secure can have a positive impact on financial, economic, and national security of the country, indicating Americans are open to making the bridge between their own safety and the nation’s security.
• Concern about identity theft rates slightly higher than fears of job and healthcare loss. 54 percent of Americans are extremely concerned about loss of personal or financial information. To place this is in context, 53 percent are concerned about losing their jobs, while 51 percent feared not being able to provide healthcare for their family.
• Nearly two-thirds of the American public have heard, read or seen something about online safety and security issues recently. However, most of what the news they remember is negative: identity theft, privacy loss, and increased frequency of attacks.
• When asked why they don’t always do all the things they can or should do to stay safer online, Americans said they simply lacked the information or knowledge (28 percent) – a surprising finding that surpassed other hurdles often cited by the media. Only 12 percent said online safety was too expensive, while just 5 percent said they were too busy to take the extra step.

You can read more about Stop. Think. Connect. Here…

Your CyberHood Watch Partner,

david c ballard
Radio Security Journalist

PS: Be sure to visit the CyberHood Watch Radio (CHWR) library of recorded interviews with Authorities worldwide.

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