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The CyberHood Watch Partners, Learn About The Tail Of Rugby Jones, Through His Owner, Claudia Broome

by dballard on November 4, 2010

Claudia Broome Talks About The Tails of Rugby Jones & Cyberbullying

You know you are getting older when you look back and see simpler times. Now, its pre-internet melding into the digital age, and the new digital generation does not distinguish between the digital and physical worlds – their digital world interacts and integrates with the real world, and vice-versa.

We (kids) are the beta testers of this fast-paced technology, and it is hard to keep up with all the excitement in its advancements. Consequently, the attraction and desires for the integration of new technologies will always be subject to misuse. All of us should be mindful and cautious of that latter statement.

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Let me tell you about, Claudia Broome , our guest today on CHWR. Claudia has made it her mission to address cyberbullying and the tragedies surrounding its acceptance and continuation. The early adoption of the Internet never anticipated the kinds of misuse currently in our laps…Literally. Moreover, it has moved to the pockets, and eventually our wallets. And, that was years ago.

I find the stories interesting behind many good causes; case in point, Claudia Broome, Author of The Tail of Rugby Jones, The Rascal’s Journey From Disability to Ability. You never know where your passion and cause might spring from.

I could feel the passion from the life lessons Claudia was sharing because of her experience with Rugby Jones. Claudia’s choices regarding Rugby Jones’s accident presented new life lessons that would have been missed otherwise. Rugby Jones moves about in his wheel chair…Probably not, the best visual. The point being, he is mobile with two legs. More importantly, Claudia explains how Rugby Jones helps you see what is special in another without being distracted.

Rugby Jones Partner of The CYberHood WatchDog...A Magical Dual.

Claudia helps kids to understand the importance of a good attitude, something that Rugby Jones taught her. Claudia points out that lack of self-esteem is one of the core reasons why a child is targeted by bullies. The story of Rugby Jones has touched many of its readers with a reflection and self-awareness of a new understanding about his or her personal behaviors.

Claudia believes there is serious lack of understanding on the part of the schools, and the parents when dealing with cyberbullying. However, Claudia was quick to point out that everyone is well intentioned, and want to do the right thing; however, the current rules, guidelines, and anti-bullying laws for preventing bullying are ineffective and problematic.

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Good intentions are not always effective when dealing with the cyberbully problems. For example, the “Safe Room” was created at one school for kids to have a designated safe area, and avoid bullies. Unfortunately, according to Claudia, you have just identified to the bullies those who might tattle on them, and unknowingly are setting up the kids for future taunting.

Do we really know what bullying means to the kids who are affected? Claudia recalls a TV interview with a child who explained that the real pain caused by bullies is the talking and whispering going on while present and within ear shot. These whispers then escalate into words and are spread digitally until he or she believes the world would be better off without them.

Bullying is abuse…Stop It!

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