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The Deep World Wide Web!

by bwardell on October 27, 2009

Wow what a great show today…

I was so excited to have our guest on today…

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Dave & Bill Welcome, Marcus P. Zillman To The CyberHood Watch

His name is Marcus P. Zillman, he the Executive Director of the Virtual Private Library™, Internet Expert, Author, Keynote Speaker, and Corporate Consultant…  And, Marcus did not disappoint it was a wonderful show, he showed why his is one of the top Internet Experts in his field!

The field of:  information, research and resources in the The Deep World Wide Web! and many more areas, to find out more please listen to the interview here:

I LOVE Research…

You don’t hear many normal people (non-academia) say this, but I truly love research and this is why I am on the web today, and I really do love researching online security, and the how-to’s of Keeping Families and Children Safe…

So, here are some of my favorite Marcus P. Zillman resources:

  1. The Deep Web
  2. Awareness Watch Newsletter
  3. White Papers
  4. Academic and Scholar Search Engines and Sources
  5. Virtual Private Library

also, you can find Marcus on the web:

Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A.
Internet Expert, Author, Keynote Speaker and Corporate Consultant
Executive Director – Virtual Private Library
White Papers:

Thanks again, to Marcus P. Zillman for sharing an hour of his very precious time with Dave and I, we learned so much today… and really feel like we have brand new CyberFriend and we look forward to Marcus coming back as soon as he has some more time available in busy schedule!  To hear more great info, go here:  Zillman on BTR

Your CyberHood Watch Partners

Bill Wardell

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