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Princess Clark-Wendel Shares With The CHWradio Listeners How To Live The Life Of Your Dreams…

by dballard on March 23, 2010

Author Princess Clark-Wendel on CHWradio


Live the life you dream about…Worry Free Living. That is what Princess Clark-Wendell, consultant to CEOs is doing. Princess is currently applying one of the seven tools she teaches in her own life, which Princess advises her clients and others to implement to reach their goals to living a worry free life. Princess is in the process of “share it”, one of the seven steps to live the life you dream. This is the time when you help others. You might think that by sharing, you reduce what you have accumulated over the years; however, nothing is further from the truth. It is something you need to experience; the act of giving or sharing in most cases has a profound unexpected return.

Princess’s soft spot for her Grandmother has influenced her “share it” step, in this case it is sharing her years of wisdom with, “Retirees” and helping to empower them to navigate their retired years gracefully.

However, the other end of the spectrum is our children and empowering them to envision how they can live the life of their dreams.

The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill, are consistently reminding our readers the importance of communication and awareness that we need to establish with our children to empower them to make better-informed decisions throughout their lives.

Princess Clark-Wendel's New Web Site

This is what makes this post so valuable. What Princess is communicating with our readers right now, is the time to talk to your children and help them become aware of their passions and help set them on a course of a solid plan and clear goals to enable them to live the life of their dreams. Begin the process by asking your child what he or she would like to do and point out their best qualities, they might not be aware of them. In the end, communication and awareness will have far more reaching benefits for our children, on many levels. Many of the authorities, we have had on CHWradio; have told our listeners that children avoid telling their parents about inappropriate and/or dangerous attempts of being contacted by adults online. The adults are potentially predators and/or pedophiles. The main reason is kids fear losing their computer privileges or their parents freaking out. An open communication and an understanding that a child can approach a parent without repercussions may just save your child a life of torment.

The same open communications may also provide your children a means to living the life of their dreams. Personally, I think too often we focus on the problems and keeping our kids in line, that we forget that we are their life teachers. How does that happen if we are not communicating with them and aware of what is happening in our children’s lives?

Princess Clark-Wendell On CHWradio

A question that Princess says to ask yourself is, “If you had your choice, what would you want to do and not be paid for it?” I identify with this, and I’m certain many parents including myself, have suggested to their children to find “that something” they really enjoy doing and become the best (expert) at doing that one “special thing”.  Princess takes this a step further and teaches how to become proactive and map out a strategy for “that special” thing, which includes how to educate yourself and develop a skill set to achieve worry free living, capitalizing on your passion.

Princess shared an interesting piece of advice that we can all implement…”The Hour of Power”. The hour of power stems from one of Princess’s seven steps (Investment) to achieving, “Living the life of your dreams”. The idea is to “pay you first”. The first hour, of earnings, of your workday is paid to you, and set aside for the life you dream about. However, something that I realized is that that hour of power can be whatever you want it to be – it belongs to you…It’s your dream of living life worry free.


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