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Potential Employers And Leading Institutions Are Digging Deeper!

by bwardell on January 25, 2010

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Defending your reputation should and could be the most valuable thing you ever do in this day and age of the digital media explosion…



Potential employers and leading institutions are Digging Deeper!

Alan, who is looking for a position in New York and did not want his name used for fear of jeopardizing his job search, said: “The HR person was almost trying to trick my reference into saying something negative. They were asking, ‘What are Alan’s weaknesses? What can he improve on?’ and on and on, beyond what was expected. It was like the third degree.”

Hiring managers are looking to get beyond the name, rank and serial number approach used by so many employers that have told by their HR department not to provide too much information, said Maryann Donovan, president of recruiting firm Impact Personnel in Norwalk…

With all the emphasis over the past 5 years to be more social and use social media to promote you and brand yourself as the expert, person to call, and hopefully the authority that everyone looks to for the latest and greatest info in your niche, while corporate America have learned what social media is and using it to now promote the companies to their customers they are also using those same tools to find out who their new employees will are going to be!!!

So, what can you do? Good question, lets look at the 4 steps you can take:

    Step one:  Build your Reputation!
    Step two:  Nurture your Reputation!
    Step three:  Protect your Reputation!
    Step four:  Defend your Reputation!

If you don’t think this problem is real, look at a couple of examples that we published last year in our OSA Investigates special issue about sexting and the potential of a living legacy…

Choices Makes a Lifelong Legacy

This was never as TRUE than now, on all the Web 2.0 social communities…

Imagine, 5, 10, 15 or 20 years from now, and you are getting ready to put in your application for your local City Council seat, the beginning or your political career…


You’ve spent the last 15 years building your life since graduating top in your class, at UC Berkeley, with a masters in Political Science, and a minor in Computer Science.

You were married to your collage sweetheart and you have 2.3 kids, a dog named Jake, and loving neighborhood who have already agreed to give you the support needed, to get elected…  [Read the rest]

    Step one:  Build your Reputation!  [Make good choices]
    Step two:  Nurture your Reputation!  [Continue to make good choices]
    Step three:  Protect your Reputation!  [Be On Guard, All Of The Time]
    Step four:  Defend your Reputation!  [Use Reputation Defender]

Because – Potential Employers And Leading Institutions Are Digging Deeper!

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Bill Wardell

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