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Pepsi Refresh Everything Keeps Fizzen-Out For The CyberHood Watch Partners, Dave & Bill

by dballard on March 31, 2010


Vote CyberHood Watch Pepsi Refresh Everything Project

I was pumped and ready to submit, at the stroke of midnight, our CyberHood Watch – Pepsi Refresh Everything Project. You may or may not be familiar with this, but Pepsi instead of advertising for the Super Bowl is taking those advertising dollars and providing grants for worthy causes and good ideas.

Therefore, in preparation to submitting our CyberHood Pepsi Project,  I called Invisus, who manages all our PC services. I had them do a remote access into my computer and run a deep clean of my entire PC. Then the next day, I called back again and had them do another clean up, just to make sure my computer was in pristine performance. They do it all, other than hardware repairs; however, if that is the problem, Invisus will run a diagnostic of your PC and tell you what hardware is bad so, you will know what to tell the repair technician. Imagine going into your auto mechanic and telling them exactly what is needed to repair the problem. No paying for unnecessary repairs! I was ready, my computer was running like the day it came out of the box. Oh yeah, the service includes unlimited technical support for all your security needs.

Cheers To Pepsi Refresh Everything & The CyberHood Watch Pepsi Project

I felt that competitive spirit again – the buzzer rang (the stroke of midnight) and the games began. The entire ordeal is complete with frustration and verbalization – good thing it was midnight. Prior to midnight, you will have already completed your four page Pepsi project form, and believe me it was tweaked and looking good. At the stroke of 12:00 a.m., you start clicking away on the mouse with anticipation of submitting your entry.

In order to successfully submit your project, you need to submit all four pages to get to the last page and then click that allusive final submit button – something I have yet to see or experience. When you get through to the first page,  it reads “HURRY” – thanks captain obvious. This last round, I saw that page 14 times, only to watch the little circle going round and round trying to desperately to load the second page before the dreaded “TIMED OUT” appeared. Yes, everyone timed out on me. Twice, I got to the second page, and twice – “TIMED OUT”. Only a thousand projects make it through, and when you are competing for grant money…You understand what happens. One thing I know for sure, I would never have had 14 chances, if my computer wasn’t able to handle all the multiple browsers I was running.

Unless, someone has a trick I’m not aware of – it is truly luck if you get through the process. It makes me think how many great ideas will never be seen because of the process of submitting an entry. As I told, my partner Bill, it was a bit disheartening not to get through for a second time. For those of you, who didn’t get through…Keep trying. For those of you who did…Best of luck.

You are allowed to submit a three-minute video with your project…Below is our unedited and longer version, unlike the one that will accompany our project that you won’t see until we are successful at submitting our project.


Enjoy the Internet safely…


david c ballard

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