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Mary Kay Hoal – Yoursphere…Created By Kids & Intended For Kids – On CHWR, With Dave & Bill, Your CyberHood Watch Partners

by dballard on October 28, 2010

Mary Kay Hoal Guest of CHWR, With Dave & Bill

We are Radio Security Journalists and tireless advocates for the safety of children, families, and businesses in the digital age…We provide solutions for living a secure digital life.

The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill used to have a life. Then we decided it was important to help educate parents, grandparents, trusted adults, and educators on the importance of empowering our children on how to be safe on the Internet.

Fortunately, The CyberHood Watch partners were able to bring both family and business together under one roof, and still have access to a global community.

Through “Communication & Awareness”, we are gradually threading our way through the World Wide Web and stitching together a community of others who are like-minded, and care about the welfare and future well being of our children as they connect globally to the digital age.

Friends of The CyberHood Watch Partners, Dave & Bill...Mary Kay Hoal & Kids

Mary Kay Hoal, Founder of Yoursphere, and a repeat guest of CHWR, is a prime example of a parent who recognized early the need to do something, and provided a safe digital environment for children to participate. Yoursphere is the place for kids under thirteen to develop healthy skills and help prepare them for the digital age. Yoursphere engages children and has the opportunity to develop responsible cybercitizens who will empower one another to make better-informed decisions throughout his or her digital life.

The Internet is a tool, and a very powerful tool that has changed the perception of social interaction. The Star Trek episode of the “Borge” and the “Collective’s” mission to assimilate the galaxies comes to mind. Is the Internet assimilating all of us?

A bit of interesting information that Mary Kay pointed out is the past growth of different media over time:

1. Radio: Thirty-eight (38) years to reach an audience of fifty million (50,000,000).
2. TV: Fourteen (14) years to reach an audience of fifty million (50,000,000).
3. Internet: Four (4) years to reach an audience of fifty million (50,000,000).
4. iPod: Three (3) years to reach an audience of fifty million (50,000,000).
5. Social Networks: Nine months to reach an audience of One-Hundred Million (100,000,000).

No wonder Marty Kohler, a Federal and criminal defense attorney, and a previous guest of CHWR said, we could not keep up with technology. There has been a paradigm shift in how kids, including adults socialize. However, adults do distinguish between the digital world and the physical world. The New Net-Generation, and kids’ current digital lives, both their digital and physical worlds coincide together, and are seamlessly incorporated into his or her daily life with no distinction between the two.

As Mary Kay pointed out the Internet was created by and for adults. No one considered the Internet as a place for children to socialize, nor become subject to all the perversions, which as a society we try to protect them from, and all the misconduct, along with the lack of parental guidance that followed.

The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill understand what Mary Kay Hoal has provided the digital community and are happy to support Yoursphere.

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There is no excuse not to take advantage of a healthy social networking sphere for your kids. This is a great opportunity for parents to introduce your child to Yoursphere, and be assured they are exposed to the idea of what The CyberHood Watch partners call “responsible cybercitizens”.

The CyberHood Watch partners look forward to our next show with Mary Kay Hoal because I believe and predict that the Yoursphere kids will make some positive news in the CyberHood community.

Your CyberHood Watch Partner,
david c ballard
Radio Security Journalist

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