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Internet Security Issues For The Next 10 Online Trends

by bwardell on February 5, 2010

Doing some research this week proved to be a real eye opener, why may you ask… because that is all we do here at CHW researching in our middle name :) Well what I found out is, that some of the trends Dave and I have been talking about for 2 years are really happening right now or they’re getting ready to explode… in a way that most folks do not understand, how much their live are really going to change over the next few years…

Our CHW guest this week Mary Kay, suggested that if parents really knew what their children were being exposed to online in most of the major social networks that most of us use, that they would be so offend and disturbed they would throw away their computers, or like she said; digg a hole in the backyard and bury IT Now!!! so as concerned parents what are we to do… this list will show you some of the major trends and yes below some real solutions when it comes to your families internet security :)

The next 10 online trends
by, Patrick Stafford

It’s never been harder to keep up with the latest web trends – with the expansion onto mobile platforms, the growth of social media and the need for start ups to be aware of new SEO techniques.

As a result, we’ve assembled a team of web experts to help you and your business keep on top of the most important trends on the web. Constructing a mobile website, creating social media campaigns and selling online are just some of the challenges businesses will face during 2010. Here are top online trends for the next 12 months.

Mobile web
Social Media
Online retail
Reputation management
Open Source
Cloud computing

The Next 10 Online Trends… What a great article and it’s chalk full of great information, make sure to read the complete post by clicking Patrick’s name above. Now lets look at the security issues attached each one of the them, and what you need to look for when making a decision for you and your family :)

Mobile web: The biggest security problem is the coolest thing about the Mobile web… you can put it in your back pocket and is accessible 24/7 anytime, anywhere, anyplace!!! So, use Monitoring Software to protect your family.
SEO: Protecting your website and the keywords you have researched and tested, safe from hackers and scrapers… put into place website tools, and monitoring and use:   Protected by Copyscape Online Copyright Protection Checker
Social Media: Be careful which Social Media sites you use, and especially your children… Get six (6) months free at Yoursphere
A Special Thanks to Mary Kay Hoal for the very generous Birthday Gift to the CyberHood Watch… please take advantage :)
Online retail: Protect your online purchases with Managed PC Care, keep Trojans, malware and keyloggers blocked or removed from your PC with Managed-Security
Advertising: Be wise how you invest your money in advertising… there are low cost alternatives including blogging, tweeting, article marketing, etc… be smart and safe online.
Reputation management:
Step one:  Build your Reputation!  [Make good choices]
Step two:  Nurture your Reputation!  [Continue to make good choices]
Step three:  Protect your Reputation!  [Be On Guard, All Of The Time]
Step four:  Defend your Reputation!  [Use Reputation Defender]
Marketing: Location, Location Location… the WEB and the World is our Marketplace, let your Entrepreneurial spirit shine!
Content: Use WordPress… the best, the easiest and the most updated CMS on the planet! Get the right WP Theme and you’re set!
Open Source: With everything we do now on the web is using some form of open source, and we see this trend expanding to all areas of the web, so before you purchase a product see if there is an alternative that is done with the open source format or is provided for free :)
Cloud computing: Protect all your cloud computing needs with the right service: Online Cloud Backup

Your CyberHood Watch Partner

Bill Wardell

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