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Founder & CEO Oliver Friedrichs Shares The Collective Intelligence Of Immunet With The CyberHood Watch Partners, Dave & Bill

by dballard on June 9, 2010


Founder & CEO Immunet Oliver Friedrichs

Oliver Friedrich On CHWradio With Dave & Bill

Despite all the best efforts by leaders in the antivirus industry, you can only expect a fifty percent chance your antivirus software will detect any malware threats. That is pretty significant and interesting coming from the CEO and Founder, Oliver Friedrichs, of Immunet. That is how he opened the show with the CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill.

My thoughts about that…

I’m old enough now to have gleamed a few insights just by being present and listening. Pay attention to the caliber of the leaders involved with the success of the company. Immunet has a well-seasoned team of knowledgeable authorities in the security space industry.

Oliver is a realist, he knows the industry we will not achieve a hundred percent malware protection. However, Oliver believes the security space industry should strive for an eighty to eighty-five percent success rate.

Basic protection is not something you should cost a lot of money. Immunet provides that additional layer of protection (free), which moves its customers closer to the latter mentioned efficiency removal rate.

Immunet operates from the principal of sharing its security with the collective intelligence of the community helping to keep your family safe from threats – a collective intelligence sharing security…an all for one and one for all consciousness.



Approved By The CyberHood Watch

It is important to understand that there are forty thousand viruses released every single day. That number is a reflection on how well funded and commercially backed malware writers are rewarded for harvesting personal and financial information. It is big business!

Traditional methods of virus protection is inefficient considering forty-thousand viruses are released everyday and again only 50% effective with no signs of slowing down. New technologies have to emerge and keep pace with commercial malware industries and hold them in check. Hence, the surfacing of new technologies such as the “Cloud”.

What is unique about Immunet in addition to the collective intelligence of the community is its tie with the cloud? Immunet’s new technologies have surfaced, allowing new optimal applications like, cloud computing.

Oliver Friedrichs went on to give his interpretation of the cloud:

(Time Stamp 13:45) “…And cloud computing really means moving a lot of the processing and a lot of the analysis up to the Internet as opposed to doing it on your computer itself. So, it is really similar, for example, Google Docs vs. using Microsoft Word. Google Docs is in the cloud, it’s on the Internet, and it works very-very similar, but it not actually a program running on your computer. It’s a program running in your web browser and Immunet protects or is very similar in that the install, when you install the product is effectively very, very small. So, it doesn’t use a lot of CPU, memory, or disk space but instead it relies on a knowledge base that’s on the Internet run by Immunet.


Immunet Meets The CyberHood Watch

Immunet Meets The CyberHood Watch

As a result, we are able to produce a very – very lightweight product that doesn’t slow your PC down. But, more importantly, the actual knowledge base that’s up in the cloud and on the Internet is always up to date. So, it requires that we don’t push protections down to your computer like a traditional anti-virus product would. Instead the product itself is continually checking with Immunet up on the Internet, whether or not a new program, or a new file that you may download is in fact malicious or not.”

Again, consider the numbers – 40,000 new viruses a day, and the average individual trained to identify a virus can successfully review only 40 a day. It wouldn’t be financially feasible for a company to employ thousands of analysts to combat and analyze individual files – viruses. Instead of analyzing individual files for viruses, Immunet has applied a much larger data mining approach, which analyzes entire community of desktops. Anyone who is attached to Immunet is actually attached to a global community all helping to make everyone safer.

When Immunet detects a virus within the global community, it is captured, quickly analyzed using methods built by Immunet, and disperses detection to the community right away via the cloud within seconds or minutes.

For all you “Trek” minded individuals… Consider Immunet the “Borge” (a good Borge) assimilating all desktops to feed on, analyze, and detect viruses in the Immunet global community. Every virus assimilated is rendered harmless and the Immunet community is once again saved to enjoy the Internet safely.

A good habit to consider before buying or downloading any security product is to check with The CyberHood Watch or its new community of collective intelligence at the Hood.

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As usual, what I have posted here is only a fraction of what Oliver Friedrichs, CEO, and Founder of Immunet shared with our listeners on CHWradio. Be sure to download the entire show for your own personal library.


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