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Facebook Look…

by dballard on August 2, 2010


500,000,000 Facebook Look At The CyberHood Watch...Thank You.

Facebook is 500,000,000 and growing therefore; I want everyone’s attention…Thank you.

Just dawned on me…How about this. Head over to The CyberHood Watch, from there you are welcome to evaluate The CyberHood Watch Community, “the Hood”.

Before you leave the site, be sure to recommend us to five of your contacts. However, if you like what The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill, and CHWradio provide for children, families, & businesses then include an additional five more contacts…Thank you.

Did I mention this is a CyberHood Watch, Dave & Bill, and CHWradio – Facebook Look? It is doable…C’mon there is viral, everyone shares the same space, and there are only 500,000,000…Certainly chewable. Again, think tireless – viral.

The Facebook Look is only a brief peek into the CyberHood Watch to evaluate content, and decide if we provide a valuable service. Further discovery will uncover a network of community information portals. These sites empower children, parents, grandparents, educators, and businesses to enjoy his or her digital life securely & safely. Moreover, in the scope of cyberspace and all its inhabitants, it proves to be a wise decision to be informed and protected digitally.


Two Years Of Research & More Than A Hundred Interviews With Authorities Worldwide

Almost forgot, while you are formulating your opinion about The CyberHood Watch, why not just grab a copy of, “Think It Won’t Happen To You?” (TIWHTY) That is a clear example of the proof is in the pudding – we listened and offered solutions. The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill, compiled two years of research and more than a hundred interviews with authorities worldwide. Pressing topics, some national some not; however, you can be assured The CyberHood Watch will do everything possible, so you never have to utter the words, “If I had only known”. The latter quote and “I never thought it would happen to me” are two retirement phrases that detectives, law enforcement, and rescue wish they had a dime for every time they heard that quote.

“Think It Won’t Happen To You?” was written to empower readers and others to be mindful of what challenges face his or her loved ones while living a digital life in the digital age.

Be sure to click over to The CyberHood Watch Community and have a say, or ask your most pressing question. Maybe its regarding the security, safety, and protection of personal identifiable information. Maybe it a question of monitoring your child’s online activities, and how to gauge and gain his or her child’s digital trust. Whatever your question…We listen, even to 500,000,000 million of you.

david c ballard

radio security journalist

PS: If you got this far…We’re practically friends already.




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