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CyberHood Watch Investigates Hubze – A Utopia Of Entrepreneurs – An Elegant Organization

by dballard on March 25, 2010

The CyberHood Watch Appreciates A Good Branding Tool

About a week ago, Bill, sent me a link to sign up for a Beta program, called Hubze, which was in the process of launching their web site. When I visited the site the counter read, 8 Days, 23 Hours and so many seconds before it closed its doors to Beta.

The sign up page’s, look and feel, was done well, but had very little information about what was being offered. It almost seemed, as though, if you were at the site, you would have had prior knowledge or association with the team putting this together. Anyway, I submitted my name and email and figured I would hear more from someone after 8 Days, 23 Hours later.

I then dove into finding out anything and everything I could about this new site called, Hubze, and who was running the show. I jumped on the Hubze webinars, hosted by Mike Healy, to learn as much as I could about what the management was envisioning for everyone, and would it have value for members of The CyberHood Watch.

The Hubze Card - A Branding Tool

The Hubze Card...Personal Branding Tool For The

Let me share a little bit, of what The CyberHood Watch does and you will begin to see the value of what Hubze offers for beginners, as well as, seasoned Internet business operators. First off, anyone who understands being present on the Internet knows the importance of “branding yourself”…That is a golden key. This is something The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill, understood early on.

Everything we do, brands “Dave & Bill”. There is some risk, you can’t have Dave, without Bill, and you can’t have Bill, without Dave, but we understood that risk. All the websites we have built…The CyberHood Watch, CHWradio, Online Security Authority, New Internet Security, Responsible CyberCitizen, and many others are linked together to help brand Dave & Bill. The social network sites (hundreds), the online magazines we author, the iTunes, the videos, etc., are all part of the process.

One important note; however, is our purpose for branding Dave & Bill…Is not about ego. The better branding and recognition for Dave & Bill…The better our chances are for our messaging to be heard regarding the safety of children, families, and businesses in the Digital Age and internalized by parents, grandparents, and educators. The process of maintaining and managing this is time consuming, labor intensive, and costly.

Everything Coming Together!

Everything Coming Together...Simplicity & Powerful Personal Branding

Imagine, given a useful tool (free) that would help automate a portion of your current workload. The same tool adds value to your current business profile, and does it well, while building a digital presence, and your personal brand. The same useful tool simultaneously, reduces some of the mundane, repetitious, and tedious tasks, but continues to contribute to your personal branding.

Anyone, who has earned their salt on the net, appreciates a good tool that saves them time and saves money…Nothing earth shattering about that concept.

We are going to run with Hubze; until we can find something wrong…We are betting we don’t.

Just a side note, if you are thinking free cannot have value…That is not true. We just had the co-founder, Pavel Baudis, and the CEO, Vince Steckler, of Avast on CHWradio and they offer free (full-blown) anti-virus software, and at the time of the radio show, they had 112,000,000 million users, that is 20% of all the computers worldwide. Did I mention they did that in five to six years?

Like Hubze, they also offer a premium service, along with the free service, if you want it, but the free version is not a trial or watered down product, it has real value. It has to be good if you are building a community around a free Hubze Card. If you offer no value, the buzz will sink you before you even begin to float…That is the power of the social networking.

Hubze is calling on its community to produce a video to help promote Hubze and the (free) Hubze Card. If your video is chosen, you win an iPad. Hey, I’d like an iPad so my video is included here:

Be one of the first to get your free Hubze Card, go to the Hubze blog, and vote on our video staring Digital Dave & MegaByte Bill…Please – Thanks.

david c ballard

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