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There is a CyberDoDO Loose in the CyberHood :)

by bwardell on March 30, 2010

Dave and Bill had the pleasure of meeting the top DoDo and Ambassador of the United States of America CyberDoDo system… it was an awesome interview, listen below:

USA CyberDodo Ambassador

Kasmore Rhedrick

Kasmore Rhedrick

On the 20th Anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, November 20, 2009, one organization is prepared to support rights-holders by helping them to easily understand and access their natural privileges. , a multi-platform, interactive, digital space for children, championed by an animated Dodo (CyberDodo ®), inspires, daily, young people and their adult guardians to protect the rights of children.

CyberDodo is leading the charge to inform and empower youth on the issues that matter most to them by providing free access to smart and engaging audio-visual and print material. [Read more]

CyberDodo is a family-friendly community platform dedicated to Defending Life. Supported by several high-profile international organizations, CyberDodo, the Defender of Life, brings together individuals who share a respect for the planet and its inhabitants to promote their own happiness as well as that of future generations… and has become one website that CHW Partners will be promoting to everyone as a safe and educational platform that will teach our children the right kind of values and understanding of the entire world, when it comes to environmental issues of the day and rights for all children!!

Plus the biggest reason, that’s it fun and entertaining for kids and parents alike, so get social and join your children in this wonderful CyberDodo world and website!

Make sure you check out the video 3 minutes to discover CyberDodo! Today, hundreds of millions of children suffer on an endangered planet and every year the situation deteriorates further… Make a difference share this with your family and friends :)

Your CHW Partner

Bill Wardell

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