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BrickHouse Security & The CyberHood Watch

by dballard on May 18, 2010

BrickHouse Security Todd Morris Meets The CyberHood Watch

BrickHouse Security is a security products company whose roots began catering to the high-tech, high-end covert surveillance arena. Founded in 2003, BrickHouse Security has expanded to list the FBI, CIA, and many of the Fortune 100 companies as leading customers. BrickHouse Security is one of the top 500 e-commerce sites on the web that specializes in safety and security solutions. They also specialize in GPS tracking, surveillance, and security as well as one-of-a-kind gadgets and spy gear.

As a leading consultant on GPS Tracking, Security and Surveillance topics and technology, Todd Morris, provides individuals, families, law enforcement/government agencies, and businesses with what we all crave most – peace of mind.

How Is Your Child Feeling?

It was parents worrying about their child’s online activities…Who were they talking to, and who was talking to his or her child online? Those were the questions parents were  asking BrickHouse Security, which became the catalyst bringing BrickHouse Security technology into the home.

Todd pointed out how central the phone was in the house. When someone called the house, chances were everyone knew about the conversation…cords were not long enough to reach the other room or at best a private closet. Yesterday’s land-line comparison of technology pales in light of what the mobile phone looks like today and what it is capable of performing. Anonymity and a false sense of security among the younger generation, coupled with the power of the new mobile media too often becomes the source of problems for the new Net-Generation. The CyberHood Watch, partners recognize that parents need help raising his or her child in the Digital Age. That is why, Dave & Bill provide security authorities like Todd Morris who are willing to share their insight and wisdom for the benefit of others safety.

Running such a high-tech, security products business, which deals with Fortune 100 companies that provide us all the futuristic gadgets that “Bond”  and serious covert surveillance users would use, I found Todd’s comments and advice on parenting, children, and technology insightful.

What Mood Is Your Child Exhibiting?

Today’s parents first need to develop a psychological awareness of their child – their behavior – their moods. Are they locked in their room – irritable – any signs of drug use? Secondly, parents need to “dig in” and become more aware of their child’s online and offline activities, become more aware of what is happening.

Todd indicated kids might reach a point when they develop a sense of guilt and become more ashamed, making it harder to express their concerns openly with their parent or trusted adult. Other guests of CHWradio have noted the number one reason why children don’t communicate with their parents when someone does or says something to make them feel uncomfortable is they are afraid they will lose their computer priviages or as the kids say, they “Freak-Out”.

When asked about monitoring your child’s online activity, and how some view it as spying and others as good parenting, I agree with Todd’s explanation. Adult supervision needs to follow the same trends as their children’s behavior. As kids get more high-tech so does the need for adult supervision for parents.

The best useable product for parents today is knowing their child’s online and offline activities. Think supervision, who are your kids communicating with and who is communicating with your child? Monitor your child’s online and offline activity.

Bill reminded our listeners, particularly parents, to be mindful that his or her child is likely to have several email accounts. Make sure your child’s name is not on their email account. Make up a fictitious name.

We continued and talked about Facebook and the security issues facing parents and their children. Talked about the responsibility for the PC owner to make sure their security software is current.

MP3 Player Hidden Camcorder

Every parent should know more about the BrickHouse Security child locator…It happens, a child disappears or walks off: 40:00 Remember – Kids are afraid of losing their parents.


Your customer’s feedback is priceless – one request parents are asking BrickHouse Security for are body cameras or small surveillance equipment to help fight against bullying.

david c ballard

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