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5 Ways to Use the Internet for Your Advantage

by CHWatch on May 7, 2012

It would be hard to envision a world without the capabilities we now have with the Internet. Users can, among many other things, make financial transactions, take online classes and connect with long-lost friends.

Increased security measures, such as sophisticated encryption and decryption capabilities, have made the Internet a safe and secure place to conduct business and interact with the outside world. The new state of the Web has created an environment where users must be able to leverage new technology to their advantage. While this isn’t incredibly difficult, navigating the plethora of ways the Internet can be used can prove overwhelming.

1. Social Networking – While social networking is commonly used to simply connect with old friends, it has recently become much more than that. It can now be used as a tool for students and working professionals to branch out and network with like-minded people within a class or professional field. In the educational world, students can use group chat features of popular social networks like Google+ and Facebook, to collaborate and study. Businesses are using social media as a way to connect with current and potential customers, a practice proving extremely beneficial for connecting with a wider demographic.

2. Online Banking – Nearly every financial institution imaginable has an online banking option. This is usually found on a bank’s website, which allows customers to check balances, pay bills, manage accounts and investments, as well as make transactions online. Sophisticated security measures have made the Web a safe place to carry out all kinds of financial transactions.

Online Banking

3. Online Education – The digital world we live in has changed just about every facet of everyday life, and education is no exception. Many colleges and universities offer educational options for working professionals who don’t have the luxury of taking full-time courses during the day. Students can potentially earn an associate degree, and in some cases a Bachelor’s, Master’s and/or a doctorate. The Web has created an environment where just about anyone can further their education without sacrificing their current livelihood to do so.

4. Photo Editing & Sharing – Just about any task that can be done on personal computer can now be done safely and securely online. Photo sharing is among the most highly engaging activities on the Internet. New Web- or cloud-based applications allow users to upload, edit and share photos to a large audience online, and have even moved into the mobile sphere. This includes high-powered photo editing; even industry-standard programs like Adobe are creating Web-based versions of their software.

5. Music & Video Streaming – The Web has dramatically changed even the recording, TV and film industries. In fact, the future of digital media is not as much about ownership as it is about access. This means that millions of songs, movies and TV shows can be streamed from various Web-based services. Among the most popular digital media streaming services are Netflix and Hulu for videos and Spotify, Rdio and Grooveshark for music streaming.

Whether a Web user’s end goal is practical, educational or for entertainment purposes, there are virtually unlimited ways to put the Internet to use. Online tools and services are always created with the end user in mind, which often means the Web is safer than it ever was for the average user.

About the author: Lindsey Harper Mac is a professional writer living in the Indianapolis area. She specializes in writing guest posts on social media and education on behalf of Colorado Technical University. Currently, Lindsey is completing work on her master’s degree.

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